What Your Favorite E-Commerce Sites Used To Look Like

Don't check your browsing history just yet, but if your habits are anything similar to ours, ASOS, Net-A-Porter, and Nasty Gal probably compete with Google, Wikipedia, and Facebook as your most visited sites. You know those WWWs so closely that whenever it gets a facelift, you freak out, but the shock only lasts as long as it takes for you to click into the "New Arrivals" section. In fact, you're probably fuzzy on what sites used to look like just a month ago, much less a decade ago.
We took a little trip in the Way Back Machine to see what our most frequented online shops used to look like back when they were born. From philosophical placeholders to homepage stories featuring Von Dutch (remember??), take a look in the past when pleated baby-doll dresses and Juicy Couture terry cloth ruled the web.
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Ah, ASOS.com. So eclectic, so affordable, so fun to shop.
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Remember back in 2000 when ASOS was still called As Seen On Screen? Less fashion than fan-gear site, ASOS.com lets you buy the looks you saw in your favorite movies.
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Featuring gorgeous editorials and helpful shopping guides, Net-A-Porter is as much a resource for styling inspiration as it is for designer buys.
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In 2003, Net-A-Porter was just as sleek, but it required an additional click to access the goods from the title page.
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With a ton of vintage, in-house, and affiliate brands, Nasty Gal is basically a one-stop shop for that distinctive L.A. look.
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But, if you typed in nastygal.com back in 2008, you were taken to a hardcore porn site. ShopNastyGal.com was the URL then, and you mostly found great vintage, handselected by Sophia Amoruso from her Berkeley digs.
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Revolve.com serves up street wear with a sweet spin. But back then...
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...they weren't immune to the Von Dutch craze. This is pure 2003 here, folks.
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You rely on Polyvore.com for filtering your e-commerce purchases nowadays, as well as help you collage full looks.
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But, in 2003, the site was a tad more bare, not to mention, confusing.
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Shopbop.com is kind of the go-to when it comes to contemporary brands, carrying hundreds of designers at a time and moving thousands of units daily.
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But, in 2003, it was the online shop for Bop, a boutique in Madison, Wisconsin. Plus, we're pretty sure it put Tangerine Tango on the map!
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Opening Ceremony has a site that's as eclectic as its wares, with DIY-style product shops and a hand-drawn, made-by-friends aesthetic.
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A decade ago, Opening Ceremony was just a placeholder for its boutique on Howard Street. It was later replaced by a moving cityscape GIF that let you click through to its various shops, its blog, and its showroom.
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Matches Fashion is a British shop that stocks all the season's must-haves.
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Back in '08, the site design was a little less sleek, but we're feeling nostalgic about that hand-drawn logo.
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For those of us not lucky enough to have a Topshop within commuting distance, Topshop.com is heaven-sent.
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In '08, it pretty much looked the same, with just as much great stuff organized in that super-'00s sidebar.
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Urban Outfitters is the chameleon of e-commerce shops, changing its logo, site design, fonts, and layouts nearly every season.
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But, back in '04, that emo-Gothic lettering and zine-style design ruled the site. Cool sweater vest, dude.
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For discounted off-season designer items, Yoox is the first place we hit. With slightly off-kilter items, it's a go-to for fashion oddballs.
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In '05, Yoox was even more bizarre, with a much smaller collection of designers.
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Zappos might not be the sexiest e-commerce site, but it's come a long way with displaying its designer shoes and accessories.
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In 2002, you could find hundreds of varieties of casual slip-on sneakers, but zero on-trend shoes from the designers you obsessed over.

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