Arnold Schwarzenegger Vs. The iPad Stereo System: Who Wins?

arnold stereo
Arnold Schwarzenegger may have portrayed the most famous robotic assassin in history, but the original Terminator can't use his liquid-metal assets to boost iPad's sound system. Instead, he revealed in a Facebook photo post that he did the clumsy mortal thing and improvised his own DIY sound system — out of good ol' paper cups, some duct tape, and a paper-towel roll. Just like you might have done in fifth grade!
"You would think someone who battled Scent would have a more advanced sound system," Schwarzenegger quipped in his post, which is now hitting viral status. "But here on set, we believe improvisation is the art of fieldwork." A little disappointing, yes, but then again, Schwarzenegger is known to be scrappy (as you need to be when things get apocalyptic). Maybe he's just been reading reading Lifehacker?