Adele's New Record Is Touted As Even Better Than The Last

Prepare to get just a little bit excited: Adele’s new album is the best yet, according to her collaborator, Ryan Tedder, the lead singer for OneRepublic. Tedder, who is working with Adele on the new album, waxed poetic about the singer’s new sound: “Adele sounds even better than before. I love where she's at. She's still my favourite artist in the world. I would press pause on my entire life if it meant I could go into the studio for a month straight with her." High praise. But really, wouldn’t we all?
There is still no confirmed release date for the album, and Tedder, who is also working with Beyoncé on her new album (busy man), didn't reveal what Adele’s new music actually sounds like. As the singer has said before that she would only record a new album when she “has something to sing about,” we can only wonder at the life experience that compelled her into the studio and how it will be put to music. Guesses to the comments, please. (Digital Spy)
Photo: Via Digital Spy.

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