1 Girl 4 Looks: Nora Kirkpatrick

It’s not everyday that we profess our love for an accordion player. But, it’s definitely not everyday that we find an accordion player quite like Nora Kirkpatrick.
Between playing in Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros and a budding acting career, Kirkpatrick is definitely having a moment. The Iowa-bred, UCLA-educated lady splits her time between the stage and the small screen, and still manages to find time to scour vintage stores and ride her bike.
Ahead, check out her amazing vintage wardrobe and stunning, honest-to-goodness beauty, all showcased at her cool, bohemian L.A. abode.
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Photographed by Joshua Spencer.
How did you first get interested in music?
“Music has always been a guiding element in my life. The emotional and transcendent properties of listening and being a part of music are what initially drew me in. Anywhere from musical theater to gospel to modern music, the songs that transcend or bleed emotions are the ones that always grab me.” 

Vintage dress, necklace purchased in Ireland, vintage Stuart Weitzman pumps.
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Photographed by Joshua Spencer.
How did you start playing the accordion?
“I was looking for a way to make the organ more mobile. The accordion is a great way to be a one-man band.”  
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Photographed by Joshua Spencer.
What instruments do you play? Any that you are dying to learn?
“I play the accordion, piano, organ, and anything really keyboard related. I've tried to learn guitar, but the fingering logistics has always proved a bit of a challenge for me. I'd love to learn the violin or another stringed instrument.”
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Photographed by Joshua Spencer.
Who are your greatest influences, both musically and style-wise?
“Musically, I listen to a lot of music from the 1920's, and a lot of the old crooners. Modern music can be a little hard for me to get behind a lot of times. That being said, I think there are some really exciting people making music these days, it's just not necessarily what I'm hearing on the radio unfortunately. Style-wise, again, I'm drawn to the older styles. The 1920's through 1940's are my go-to for dresses. The cuts and fabrics are so flattering and well made. It's hard for me to find modern dresses that I feel work with my body shape. The vintage dresses cater to a more feminine, less baby-doll figure.” 

Vintage dress, sandals purchased in spain.
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Photographed by Joshua Spencer.
We know you get a lot of your inspiration from the costumes in old movies. What are some of your favorites?
“Edith Head is a legend when it comes to costume design. She did Roman Holiday, and hundreds of other films. I love her work.”
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Photographed by Joshua Spencer.
What's your go-to outfit on your days off? 
“Overalls. I've always been a big fan of the one-and-done outfit.” 
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Photographed by Joshua Spencer.
Do you have any pre-performance rituals?
“We do a big group huddle/breathing session before every show. We've never missed one. It helps draw us all together as a group, and make sure we've all checked in with each other emotionally as friends before we step on stage.”
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Photographed by Joshua Spencer.
How do you spend your downtime in L.A.? 
“I try to get to yoga as much as possible, but I do a lot of sitting on my couch day dreaming. Day dreaming for me has become kind of a conscious meditation. It's some of my favorite time spent.”

Vintage dress, vintage Stuart Weitzman pumps.
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Photographed by Joshua Spencer.
Any favorite local spots to unwind?
“I go to the Upright Citizens Brigade a lot, they always have great shows. Also, getting scrubs at the Wi spa downtown is a nice little treat.”
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Photographed by Joshua Spencer.
What are your favorite places to shop in L.A.?
Shareen downtown, she keeps her prices very reasonable, which is a blessing in the vintage world."
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Photographed by Joshua Spencer.
In addition to music, you have been scoring some major acting roles as well! What is next for your acting career?
“I have a few things in the works. I'm looking forward to getting home and working during our time off. I'm heavily involved in the comedy/sketch world in L.A., and am excited to get back on a different kind of stage for a bit. I've just begun scoring a great little modern western called Baby Bleed.” 
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Photographed by Joshua Spencer.
What are your on-the-road essentials?
“My Brompton folding bike, spandex shorts for under my dresses, so I could crowd surf at a moment's notice, dry shampoo, and a good pair of boots.”
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Photographed by Joshua Spencer.
Tell us about Edward Sharpe’s Big Top Festival.
“It is going to be an incredible adventure. Overstimulation is an understatement. We'll have everything from dancers, clowns, acrobats, magicians, performance artists, interactive art installations, and of course food. Honestly, I've never been to anything like this in my life, if you're in town, you should make the journey, it will be well worth it.”

Vintage sweater, Nudie jeans, Converse sneakers.
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Photographed by Joshua Spencer.
What's on your playlist right now? 
“Tame Impala, Jon Brion, Brian Eno, Talk Talk, and Gonzales.”
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Photographed by Joshua Spencer.
We hear that one of your favorite pastimes while touring is vintage shopping. What are your favorite cities to score vintage finds?
“London has some amazing places on Brick Lane. Also, the small weekend markets that we happen upon in obscure places are always the best because they're not charging an arm and a leg. I've found some great stuff in Holland and Germany.  I don't let myself have dedicated shopping days, because I always feel the time is better spent bike riding or at a museum. So, if I happen upon it, it's meant to be. If not, I just keep riding.” 
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Photographed by Joshua Spencer.
What are your go-to performing outfits? What's your priority when dressing for a performance?
“I have a new rule, anything I buy I must be able to wear on my bicycle. We all bike a lot on tour, and often times you are away from the bus all day. So, while I definitely consider style, I'm also very concerned with my ability to play freely without having to worry about tearing or ruining a dress.”