Real Girl, Real Beauty: A Jet-Setter's Guide To Gorg

We admire any gal who can lead a busy lifestyle and still retain a glowing complexion, perfectly coiffed tresses, and an immaculate manicure. It's no wonder, then, how quickly we took to Roma Shah, Saint Laurent shoes and accessories sales manager for all of North and South America. When she's not hopping on a plane for business, she's traveling back and forth from New York to her hometown of Chicago. Yep, lazy girl she is not.
But, even if you're not a global jet-setter like Shah, her beauty tips for staying gorgeous on the go are of value to any gal who wants to look bright-eyed and busy tailed.
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Photographed by Heather Talbert.
Tell us a little bit about your role at Saint Laurent?
"In a nutshell, I oversee the wholesale for Saint Laurent shoes and accessories for all of North and South America. I work with buyers from Bergdorf Goodman, Barneys New York, Neiman Marcus, and inspiring boutiques like Blake in Chicago. I work with an amazing crew at Saint Laurent where we get to analyze the business side of fashion, but also be creative."

"It's pretty inspiring to see the impact we make on the industry after a new collection debuts at a show, where we get to watch our work unfold in front of our eyes. It truly is the perfect job, and I could not be happier."

Yves Saint Laurent Bordeaux skirt with hand done embroidery (runway collection), Zara white collared button-done shirt, Theyskens Theory cropped leather jacket, Saint Laurent shoes.
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Photographed by Heather Talbert.
You're a busy lady! What's your secret to looking so fresh and flawless?
"Since I’m always on the go, I’ve acquired this nifty skill of applying makeup without using a mirror. For daytime, I mix Hourglass and Cle de Peau foundations to create a flawless base for my bronzed complexion. Next, I contour and highlight with Tom Ford’s Bronzing Powder (in Terra) and Chanel's Double Perfection Lumière Long-Wear Flawless Sunscreen Powder (color 62 – Beige Rose). I top this off with Tom Ford blush (color Ravish) for a pink cheek."

"For an evening look, I put a little glow on my cheek bones with the help of Soleil Tan de Chanel and Tom Ford Intensity One. My lashes are lengthened and flirty with the help of Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill Stretch Mascara.

Chanel eyeshadows and Tom Ford lipsticks,
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Photographed by Heather Talbert.
How did you get interested in fashion?
"I was exposed to traveling to exotic locations at an early age, so I developed a palate for observing differences in style, attention to detail, art, accents, culture, and anything visually stimulating."

Have you adjusted your style since you moved from Chicago to New York?
"I would classify my style as a ‘refined downtown girl.’ I stick with an effortless foundation — my Chicago background — but I update my look with touches of romantic Soho. Or, I go for an edgy, modern, rock-'n'-roll New York City girl — a true eclectic blend of the classics and modernism."
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Photographed by Heather Talbert.
What were you doing here before you made the big move?
"Living in the South Loop, enjoying life with our newest family member, my niece Rois, and contributing online for the former Vogue India website."

How often are you back in the Windy City?
"I’m back and forth between cities at least two times a month. I’m not only obsessed with this city, but I can’t let physical distance keep me from the people I love most — my family and best friends. Moreover, I have always stayed connected with Chicago, even when I lived overseas or studied abroad. So, I like to come back for major music festivals and fashion and art exhibits. In addition to personal trips, a huge perk with my job is that I get to come back to the city for work quite often."
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Photographed by Heather Talbert.
It sounds as though you travel quite a bit. What’s your go-to beauty routine when flying?
"When I’m traveling, which is quite often, you can almost certainly find me underneath my leather baseball cap. That thing has racked in some serious frequent flyer miles. I try to go barefaced when I fly and I hydrate with a Smart water in hand and Chantecaille Magnolia, Jasmine, and Lily Healing Emulsion on my skin."
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Photographed by Heather Talbert.
Do you have any homemade beauty secrets or remedies?
"Dip folded paper towels into cold milk, wring out the milk, and lay the wet towels over your eyes. Not only does milk have calming qualities, but it also reduces the look of raccoon eyes."

Stella McCartney sweater, AG jeans.
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Photographed by Heather Talbert.
See ya later, raccoon eyes!
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Photographed by Heather Talbert.
Let’s talk accessories. What are some of your go-to pieces?
"I always wear my five delicate and simple Catbird 14k gold rings made in Brooklyn. I also have three necklaces with me at all times: My rose gold bar necklace that keeps me balanced; my Saint-Tropez Indian rosary beads that give me positive energy; and lastly, my California Ahimsa beads that make me remember to always love and stay calm."

Yves Saint Laurent earrings, Tom Tom bracelet, Helmut Lang collaboration ring, Catbird rings, Anthropology Indian necklaces, Chanel lipsticks, and London Fair trade buttons.
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Photographed by Heather Talbert.
Whose beauty/style do you admire and why?
"My current beauty and style icons are Emily Weiss, Freja Beha Erichsen, Daria Werbowy, and Victoria Beckham. Anyone who can pull off natural beauty and an effortless look with a stellar body is admiring. I also respect someone who can just throw on an amazing outfit, have messy hair with a fresh face, and still look like a total babe."

Christian Louboutin nude leather peep-toe booties, Jimmy Choo single sole pumps, Zara black leather peep toe booties, Yves Saint Laurent platform sling-backs with gold toe, Valentino patent oxblood single sole pumps, Saint Laurent rangers.
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Photographed by Heather Talbert.
Your hair is stunning! What do you do to take care of your luscious locks?
"I credit Awapuhi’s Wild Ginger Keratin Intensive Hair Treatment — my naturally jet-black locks crave it every month or so. I highly recommend this treatment if you want to prevent dullness and restore long-lasting shine to your locks. It makes my hair go from thirsty to Hollywood, and restores it back to its healthy, glossy, moisturized self."

Alexander Wang cropped top, Zara skirt, Valentino shoes, rag & bone hat.
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Photographed by Heather Talbert.
We've all had a beauty mishap — what was yours?
"I’m a perfectionist when it comes to my makeup routine, so if something were to ever go wrong, I’ll clear my face and start back up from step one. But if there was one thing I can remember, I was notorious for jumping out of the shower right before class started. I used to run straight to class in the midst of a Chicago winter, so I always wound up end up having icicles in my wavy, wet hair. It was not the best look, and I was always freezing."
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Photographed by Heather Talbert.
What’s your biggest beauty challenge and how do you work on conquering it?
"My biggest challenge will always be timing. In order to feel less stressed with getting ready, you have to prioritize your time and think ahead. It takes me less than 10 minutes to do my makeup, but I hate the feeling of being rushed. I tend to get distracted by playing music or making green tea while I’m getting ready, and before you know it, I’m already 30-minutes late."

Jour d'Hermes perfume, Chanel Chance perfume, Philosophy Falling in Love perfume
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Photographed by Heather Talbert.
What fall beauty trends are you most excited about?
"A simple red lip and lengthening mascara is what I am truly most excited about. Simple equals less for us ladies to haul around. I truly think any girl is classically gorgeous with less on their face. Keep it simple; keep it chic."
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Photographed by Heather Talbert.
What are your rules when it comes to skin care?
"My sister is a dermatologist, so my skin gets a lot of attention. I follow her rules religiously and infuse them into my routine. Rule number one: Always wash your face morning and night. Face wash is one of those things where you don’t have to break the bank to get bang for your buck, as long as it takes off makeup. Rule number two: moisturize. Rule number three: Find a good under-the-eye cream and stick with it. Cle de Peau Intensive Eye Contour Cream is worth the splurge. Rule number four: Wash your pillowcases regularly. Rule number five: Do not touch your face with your oily fingers."

Rag & bone T-shirt, Saint Laurent F/W '13 floral silk, Saint Laurent Paris Thorn pumps, Saint Laurent skirt and cuffs, Saint Laurent Cassandre crossbody bag.
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Photographed by Heather Talbert.
What’s the best beauty advice you’ve ever received and who gave it to you?
"My mom always says, 'Less is more.'"
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Photographed by Heather Talbert.
What’s your ultimate career goal?
"I’d like to see where this path with Saint Laurent takes me. I’m so incredibly happy here and would love to continue to grow within the company. I have been working on a solo project with my photographer launching October 21, 2013 called ‘YvesDropping’ — a blog dedicated to the fashion business sector of the industry. I also have a few other fashion ideas brewing with intellectuals that I admire in the industry. Ideas that will bring me back to Chicago in the future, which makes me have a huge smile to my face."