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The Ad-Free September Issue Of Vogue Calls For Many, Many Benjamins

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    Towards the end of September, our backs started to kill us. Of course, we really should have known what we were getting ourselves into the moment we dropped this year's September issue of Vogue into our bags. But, no amount of grunts or heavy sighs could deter us from our morning commute, lunchtime, and desk-break reading. Heck, we even found a way to turn the year's biggest issue into a full-fledged workout. (Thanks for the toned arms, Anna!)

    None of this would have been possible had it not been for the ads that filled those 902 pages. All in all, we were carrying around 325 pages of advertisements. So yes, we're thanking the high and holy publishing gods for those ads, because one fellow in Seoul calculated the issue's price without them, and let's just say our wallets would be suffering a heck of a lot more than our backs.

    A spoof for an "Ad-Blocked" version of the September issue cropped up on Craigslist that'll set you back a cool $4 million. Armed with an X-Acto knife and a jumbo Sharpie, the seller cut and blacked out every ad, whittling it down to its bare, editorial essentials. Think of it as the Anti-Miley plug-in for your fashion reading pleasure, only more expensive than a few of your dream handbags combined. (Adweek)

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