This Kitten Rescue Video Will Warm Your Heart (Then Break It)

Get ready for an emotional roller coaster. In June, the Fresno, California-based firefighter Cory Kalanick entered a burning house to save an unconscious kitten's life. He recorded the rescue effort with a GoPro camera and uploaded it to Youtube. Consequently, the heroic clip now has 1.5 million views, and GoPro has released its own extended clip, which is edited and soundtracked for dramatic impact. As you can see for yourself, Kalanick was able to lift the kitten to safety and revive it using an oxygen tank and child's mask. Our hearts — and tear ducts — welled up at 1:24 (if you watch this at work, make sure to have tissue stashed nearby). Especially since this endearing story has a tragic ending... The kitten died twelve hours later. Sorry for ruining your week.

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