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Big Freedia Broke The World Record For Twerking

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    Today in twerk-story, Big Freedia came, she saw, and she conquered the Guinness Book of World Records. Correction: Big Freedia twerked all up and over the World Records. Only in New York would common, everyday people spend their lunch break bouncing their rumps in the middle of Herald Square outside of Macy's.

    The self-proclaimed Queen of Bounce gathered 358 people (108 more than necessary) and shattered the world record for the most people twerking in one place. Everyone — ages 10 and up!— took on the trend, because all shame goes out the window when there is history to be made. The leader of the pack, whose goal was to show the world that this "craze" isn't new, brought down the proverbial house with heavy beats and a whole lotta butt shaking. It didn't matter if you were a pro or someone who practiced in the mirror alone in the wee hours of a sleepless night; just as long as your hands were on your knees as you popped your derriere for the full two minutes, you were all right in Guinness' eyes.

    One look at the crowd, and it was clear twerking isn't reserved for one group of people. Big Freedia didn't just break a world record, she broke the stigma that surrounds twerking by showing the world that anyone can do it (no matter said twerker's skill). And as a result, promptly knighted herself the Queen of Twerk. All hail Big Freedia, we blame our future (fabulously) blown-out backs on you.

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