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Jennifer Aniston Is Pregnant, For The One Zillionth Time

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    Jennifer Aniston is pregnant! Wow, guys! At this point, she has about seven or eight thousand secret children squirrelled away. They are all tiny, because she has never actually had a "baby bump." They are tiny little elf children with the head of Justin Theroux (head is still adult-sized). We have obtained this information from a variety of reliable sources, including Dumbledore, Gandalf, and one Samwise Gamgee.

    Sorry, guys. We have lured you here under false pretenses. Jennifer Aniston is not pregnant, though Us Weekly reported that story today. Her team has since denied it. We've been through this circus many, many times. So, instead of speculating whether or not she is three months shy of being the next Octomom, we've decided to round up all the many times that tabloids have decided to run with this story. As one of the most reliably popular celebs out there, these many covers will also take you on a trip down memory lane of the other, usually equally ridiculous Hollywood scandals that have accompanied Aniston's magical journey over the years. And, now, it's collected here for your viewing pleasure in an artistic retrospective. Enjoy!

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