17 Oddball Celebs We Find Surprisingly Sexy

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    We all have them, the off-the-beaten-track crushes that just appeal to us. Be it because of the characters they play or the certain way each actor carries himself, but these guys are (to some of us, at least) undeniably attractive, even if they don't immediately come to mind as "heartthrobs" (quotes intentional). Sure, we can all point to Brad Pitt, Ryan Gosling, and Donald Glover as fitting the societally accepted definition of "hot," but these 17 dudes elicit strangely strong reactions across the board. Call them awkward, call them surprising, but call them ours.

    Of course, judging someone based purely on their looks is something that runs a bit counter to our ethos, which is why we've thought of these particular men: Each one has that certain je ne sais quoi that doesn't make them obvious "lookers," but still draws us — and hetero women at large — in with their non-Hollywood looks. That, and we wanted an excuse to write about the one unsung man the entire office nurses a massive crush on: Christopher Meloni. C'mon. He's the best.

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