17 Oddball Celebs We Find Surprisingly Sexy

We all have them, the off-the-beaten-track crushes that just appeal to us. Be it because of the characters they play or the certain way each actor carries himself, but these guys are (to some of us, at least) undeniably attractive, even if they don't immediately come to mind as "heartthrobs" (quotes intentional). Sure, we can all point to Brad Pitt, Ryan Gosling, and Donald Glover as fitting the societally accepted definition of "hot," but these 17 dudes elicit strangely strong reactions across the board. Call them awkward, call them surprising, but call them ours.
Of course, judging someone based purely on their looks is something that runs a bit counter to our ethos, which is why we've thought of these particular men: Each one has that certain je ne sais quoi that doesn't make them obvious "lookers," but still draws us — and hetero women at large — in with their non-Hollywood looks. That, and we wanted an excuse to write about the one unsung man the entire office nurses a massive crush on: Christopher Meloni. C'mon. He's the best.
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Christopher Meloni
Meloni is a man — like a man's man in a well-dressed man's body. Put him in the woods, and he'll survive. Throw him on a musical theater stage, and he'll thrive. He probably smells like musk and testosterone with a hint of jasmine — the ideal scent if there ever was one.
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Jack Black
Sure, he's not the Brad Pitt of the comedian world, but who cares? He's got personality for days, and is probably one of the better cuddlers out there.
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Steve Buscemi
Jaws dropped when his name was brought up, but come on. Ghost World? It was briefly the fantasy of every girl in the '90s. How can you not respond to his oddball confidence?
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Rhys Ifans
On the opposite side of the same coin is Rhys Ifans, who shares that tall, rangy, gloomy mystique that Buscemi brings to the table. But, he's dated some of the sexiest women on planet Earth, so either he's sexy or a wizard. (Both?)
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Djimon Hounsou
Part runway model, part actor, full-time badass. Hounsou makes your bad-boy crushes seem like wimps, and that's enough to crush on. In the same vein of Buscemi and Del Toro, he can oscillate from being highly attractive to downright terrifying, depending on the role. His propensity for intense characters takes him off of traditional "good-looking guys" lists, but he shouldn't be forgotten.
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Harvey Keitel
Keitel's heyday was littered with full-frontal appearances and bad-boy roles that, despite the passing of time, have stuck with him throughout his career. And, the bad-boy thing...well, it works.
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Howard Stern
Though Stern and controversy go hand-in-hand, his comments aren't off the cuff; he's intelligent, and has an opinion. Plus, the whole Peter Frampton vibe he had going on was pretty great.
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Lukas Haas
Haas has the whole Conor Oberst vibe without the sadness going for him. And, honestly, the less baggage, the better.
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Donald Sutherland
Sutherland has just enough quirk about him to make his version of the dapper gentleman something intriguing rather than pretentiously annoying. Also, we weren't initially supposed to like him in Klute, and then he became unbelievably sexy.
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Matt Smith
There's something about Smith's presence that brings to mind Katy Perry's "E.T." song, and that's not a bad thing. Perhaps it's the whole no-eyebrows look.
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Adam Driver
He's grade-A man candy who, if he's anything like his character on Girls (aside from the dominating bedroom antics), will build a cabin in your apartment with his bare hands, construct happiness out of timber, and beat down anyone who might throw you the slightest of dirty looks.
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Jeremy Renner
Okay, so Renner is pretty handsome. He's got this nuanced air of boyhood that's more endearing than off-putting. He's probably really good with the parental units, and wouldn't mind if you had a house full of cats.
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Seth Rogen
You know underneath all that sarcasm and crude humor is a man who will probably cook you a wonderful breakfast in the morning and serve it to you in bed. He would also love you more for your gross, secret, single-person behavior, rather than judge you for it. There's no shame in Rogan's world, and that's a-okay.
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Benicio Del Toro
Del Toro has an element of adventure — and danger — about him. He seems like the type who would wake up one morning, decide it's a good day to road trip to some random beach for a week, and you've nothing to do but trust him...with your heart.
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Caleb Landry Jones
This little one is so mysterious, so androgynous, and so unclassifiable that you can't help but have a crush on him. Who even are you crushing on? The element of the unknown is Jones' most enticing attribute.
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Jason Schwartzman
Schwartzman is probably thinking about something a lot deeper than what you're thinking about right now, and that's hot. A couple of our editors squirm in delight, while other squirm with discomfort. Either way, you either love him or hate him.
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Giovanni Ribisi
True, he did land one of our favorite models of all time, Agyness Deyn, but Ribisi has been pretty typically cast as the short, tough guy. Rarely a leading man, there is something genuine and intense about his looks...and we likey.