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Kit Harrington Goes Shirtless, Fulfills Your Jon Snow Fantasy

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    Oh, Jon Snow, you are so confused. Why do you think you can do things like take your shirt off, or sit around looking pretty next to a vintage television, when there are so many important things going on? What about the white walkers? What about your paralyzed half-brother who is in dire need of your help? What about revealing the mystery of who your mother is, so you can quench our thirsty curiosity? We have a giant list of things you need to be doing, before you spend time posing for a magazine spread.

    And yet, you deliberately disobeyed us (and worse, you put Ygritte in danger!). By taking time out of your busy schedule of manliness, you have displayed a brazen disrespect for your duties. Not that we didn't know this already; you didn't have much of a problem abandoning your post on the Night's Watch. You're clearly going through some kind of emo phase, and we get it. You'd rather stare out of a rainy window and have Wonderland magazine take moody pictures of you than actually fight for the good of your family like everyone else. But please, can you pause the Bright Eyes for a moment, and think of the children?! (Wonderland Magazine via The Frisky)

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