15 Hysterical YouTube Channels To Watch Instead Of Working

There exists a part of the internet that we like to call a black hole. You innocently click on a link someone in your network shared, and before you know it, it's 2 a.m. and your browsing history has gone from the tame to the obscure. This is okay, though. We're all guilty of it, and have found it's better to own your nightly descent into the World Wide Web than shy away from it.
With that said, there's more to laugh at than listicles and Vine roundups. YouTube has gems hidden beneath all the "Sh*t Girls Say" and "Between Two Ferns" series that truly get to the heart of pop culture. With the help of the folks over at YouTube, we've put together a list of channels that deserve every bit of your free time. According to Kevin Allocca, Head of Culture and Trends at the company, comedy is the one genre that's "constantly being reinvented on YouTube. From 'Hipster Disney Princesses' and 'Epic Rap Battles' to 'Bad Lip Reading' and homemade sketches, people from all over the world are coming up with new ways to make us laugh every day."
The channels ahead aren't your typical run-of-the-mill comedy sketches. These are the videos that force you to question how anyone has enough time to make something like these, but you're so thankful they did. We'd like to say we're sorry for sending you down a black hole, but we're not.
The Most Popular Girls In School
Bad Lip Reading
VFiles Status Update
Above Average
Cossby Sweater
Barely Political
The Necki Menij Show
The Daily Grace
Epic Rap Battles of History