Need A Vacation? The Latest Issue Of Dazed Will Push You Over The Edge

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    Can Dazed & Confused and Another magazine read our thoughts? All we've been doing recently is swatting up on the next trip we're going to take out of London. And lo and behond, in the magazines's October issues, travel is the central theme, with Dazed touring the globe courtesy of a studio tour at Balmain HQ, Cape Town digi-funk band John Wizards, and a Brooklyn femcee Dai Burger to name just a few.

    And let's not forget the trippy cover with supermodel Lindsey Wixson, who appears to be travelling to all four corners of the globe at once — at least from a stylistic point of view.

    Conversely, Another magazine has Oscar winning actress Cate Blanchett as its cover girl. And this time, it is Berlin that is the inspirational starting point of the actress's decadent look. In this 25th edition of the magazine, the actress talks to the Turner Prize-winning artist Douglas Gordon about the transformative moments both performance and life can produce. Sigh...just think what kinds of transformative moments we could have floating by an island in the sun, sipping something yummy out of a coconut. Mini break, consider yourself booked.

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