What Your Favorite Model Says About You

We all know you love our weekly horoscopes, and everybody loves a bright-eyed, long-legged beauty. So, we ran that information through our super-special science machine, and came up with an awesome idea: Combine the two into one awesome personality guide. The result? Model zodiacs, a.k.a. deciphering your personality based on your preference in supermodels.
Whether you're a Gisele devotee or a Twiggy die-hard, there's something in here for everyone. Just don't be surprised if you feel like we're staring into the depths of your soul, reading you like a book.
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Photo: REX USA/Ken Towner/Associated Newspapers/Rex
Tyra Banks

First of all, this picture is beyond fierce. Just had to get that out there. It's like she's literally preparing to jump out of your computer screen and just claw your face off.

Anyways, if Tyra's your bag, then you are one powerful woman. And you'll never be content to be a one-trick pony. You'll try everything once, and you'll keep at it until you're the best in the game.
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Photo: Bruce Weber/Courtesy of W Magazine.
China Machado

You like to stand out, and it's easy for you. But you're not guilty of trying too hard or forcing your way into the spotlight. You were born a star and you'll stay one for as long as you live.
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Photo: Courtesy of Pepsi
Cindy Crawford

Yes, you're sexy, we get it. But you're not one to get all ridiculous about it. Even when you're at your most brazen, oozing sex appeal left and right, there's a certain subtlety and class to your act that makes you special. Oh, and of course, you'll always choose Pepsi over Coke.
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Photo: Courtesy of Estee Lauder
Liu Wen

You're like the ballerina of the model world. Graceful, reserved, and introspective, you're beloved by many but don't seek out attention. That's not to say you can't pull off your VS Angel wings, either, though.
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Photo: BEImages/MATT BARON

Picking Gisele off this list might not be the most adventurous or daring choice, but it's probably the smartest. Gorgeous, successful, and always reliable, Gisele is a foolproof icon. If you love her, you're probably particularly concerned with your health, too — there's nothing hotter than that natural, exercise-induced glow (with a touch of Brazilian beach tan).
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Photo: Courtesy of Longchamp
Coco Rocha

You're fun and playful and up for anything — which works, because you can always pull it off. As grown up and severe as you sometimes seem at first glance, there's a lot of personality there, too.
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Photo: Courtesy of Calvin Klein
Kate Moss

What can we say? You're the OG badass. You smoke in the bathroom, you fall asleep in your eyeliner, and you don't care if it's on trend or not. Just don't take the whole heroin chic thing too literally, please.
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Photo: REX USA/Everett Collection

Sure, you like things a little twee, and that's okay. You'll grow up later. Oh, and you may or may not have an excessive penchant for black eyeliner.
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Kate Upton

You love yourself, and never let the haters get you down, but you're not conceited, either. Plus, you know a great opportunity when you see one, and you're not ashamed to dive head-first into it.
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Photo: REX USA/Steve Wood
Naomi Campbell

You are confident, powerful, and assertive, sometimes to a fault. Whatever it takes, you'll never let anyone walk all over you. And yes, you have a temper. And maybe your phone slips out of your hand and flies at someone's head sometimes. Just drop it already, ugh!
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Lauren Hutton

You stick to the classics and you like things all natural — but that doesn't mean you're boring. You have impeccable taste and you always put a careful, personal touch on your style.
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Linda Evangelista

You're a big deal, and you know it. And you'll never under-sell yourself. As the famous quote goes, you're not getting out of bed for less than $10,000, no matter how ridiculous your cat thinks you are when you shout it out in the morning.