Must-See Video: Models Do Some Serious Beatboxing

So, CC lipsticks are officially a thing now, as seen in Giorgio Armani's new Rouge Ecstasy line. Before you skeptics roll your eyes, hear us out. While the name might just be a way to get our attention (okay, it worked), the Color & Care technology sounds like it's created a pretty much ideal lipstick. Moisturizing, vibrant, and skin-care centric? That's what we look for in a lipstick, but it's hard to find all three in one.
We've checked out the lipsticks in person, and the texture is phenomenal — and this promo video is pretty amazing, too. Though the models aren't actually doing the beatboxing, their lip-syncing is very convincing. (Lip-boxing? Beat-syncing? Help us out.) And, as for the colors — well, see for yourself.
Giorgio Armani Beauty Rouge Ecstasy lipstick, $34, available at Giorgio Armani Beauty.

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