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Aldo Rise Meets Ostwald Helgason For Fashion Week

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    Each time Aldo Rise chooses another cutting-edge label to partner up with, we get excited. So excited, in fact, that we gush over every detail of every shoe and mark our calendars with the date the line drops. This time, Aldo's collaborating with R29-fave Ostwald Helgason. And, obviously — it gets even better.

    The various styles of shoes and handbags will make their debut during both New York and London Fashion Weeks at the Ostwald Helgason spring '14 presentations. That means we'll be able to pore our eyes over the collection on models sporting killer designs. In other words, we won't be limited to a simple slideshow.

    This will be the first time Susanne Ostwald and Ingvar Helgason dive into the footwear and accessory realm, and, from the looks of it, certainly not the last. Check out the sketches, and watch below as the team gets to work in Aldo's Montreal headquarters. Then, stay tuned for Fashion Week, because you know we've got you covered on that.

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