10 Ways Diana Nyad Can Be Your Spirit Guide

Let's face it: You will probably never do anything as wholly mind-blowing as what Diana Nyad just accomplished. For the uninitiatied — the 64-year-old people's hero recently completed the 110-mile swim from Cuba to Florida, effectively becoming the closest thing we have ever seen to Wonder Woman. Watching interviews with her will make your heart swell, but best of all is her self-described mantra, the three words that helped her get through the incredibly taxing exprience: Find a way.
Perhaps the closest you'll ever come to a similarly heroic feat of strength is the time you went to Costco and purchased not one but two jumbo packs of paper towels. And maybe the greatest creative feat of your lifetime is compiling a desktop folder of your favorite Reddit GIFs. But that doesn't mean you, too, cannot benefit from Nyad's sage advice. Your life, your body, your struggles — the strife is real, and painful, but you will find a way.
When you're trying so hard to give yourself an amazing braided hairstyle, but you're confused by the back of your head and end up mixing up your left and right hand...you will find a way.
When you really want to talk up that cutie across the bar, but you'd also rather just sit there and eat pretzels and drink cocktails with your friends...you will find a way.
When you've had four cups of coffee before noon, and the fifth is just calling your name...you will find a way.
When you're confronted with a cronut and a ramenburger, but only have room for one...you will find a way.
When you're in the final five minutes of a SoulCycle class and wish you'd never been born...you will find a way.
When those skinny jeans seem too skinny for even your big toe...you will find a way
When you feel like it's five o'clock on a Monday afternoon, then you realize it's actually eleven a.m....you will find a way.
When it's 100 degrees out and you're trying to squeeze into an overcrowded subway car...you will find a way.
When you're trying to fit that one last, ever-important item into your bag during NYFW...you will find a way.
When you're feeling mediocre about your life and your ambitions because you've never undertaken a swim of more than 50 feet...you will find a way.

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