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Look! Lady Gaga's More Normal Than You Think

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    So, at this point in the digital age, the VMAs (and all the surrounding controversy) are old news. In fact, don't even try to butt in and mention that one performance. But, we stumbled across these Terry Richardson photos of Lady Gaga getting ready for her red carpet comeback, and couldn't help but feel a little humbled by them all.

    Through Gaga granting Richardson full access to her life for the better part of her fame, the enigmatic, polarizing artist is humanized. It's her way of saying, "Look guys! I'm just like you!" She evades the tabloid headline of "Lady Gaga Eats A Burger, She's Just Like Us!" by announcing it herself. All the costumes, makeup, and wigs are just that: workwear. It's easy to forget that what she and the other musicians we've come to celebrate do for a living is perform. It's a job, and like any 9-to-5, there's prep work, performance, and unwinding. Gaga's office just so happens to be the stage.

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