Behold! Nate Berkus x Target Fall '13

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    Summer is coming to a close, but at least you have those epic memories, right? You know — that inspiring trip to South America, where the gilded statues and reflective tiles of old churches dazzled and dazed. Or that Morocco adventure, where intricately woven baskets carrying colorful spices overtook your senses. Wait, what? You didn't take the vacation of your dreams? Well, the travel regret stops here, because the Nate Berkus at Target fall '13 collection has all the rich textures, geometric prints, and antique-looking goods you missed while working those summer Fridays.

    Inspired by his world travels, Berkus created a fall collection that will both complement and enrich your home. Just don't expect boring wicker baskets and the usual warm autumn colors. The prince of approachable design updates vintage elements and worldly motifs (think mixed metals and marble accents à la the '70s) and modernizes them with sleek, simple silhouettes and an industrial-inspired color palette. So, while you may have not made it to a Roman bathhouse this summer, with Polyresin Marble Print Trays, you can pretend like you did.

    Click through to preview the collection before it hits stores and on September 15.

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