Is James Franco The Most Debonair Driver In L.A.?

Evidence of the latter fact abounds in this new spot for Gucci's latest men's fragrance, Made To Measure. Directed by Nicolas Winding Refn, the short features a decked-out Franco driving around a gold-drenched, glimmering, shimmering City of Angels. Is it beautiful? Obviously. It's hard not to spot a few parallels between this and Refn's film Drive — both feature handsome men behind the wheel of vintage cars, both are set in L.A. — but here, Franco is as calm and debonair as Driver is, well, not.
"I think of the fragrances, or anything that Gucci does, as items that are very intense," Franco says of the campaign. "They are the product of tons of work, design, craftsmanship, conceptualization, and execution that result in these very intense things, whether they are the fragrances or the clothes." And, though we don't know Franco personally, we're gonna guess that's part of the reason he continues to align with Gucci — because, based on his prolific creative output, this is one guy who thrives on intensity.
Gucci Made To Measure, available at Macy's.

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