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Gisele Tops Forbes' Highest Paid Model List — Again

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    Needless to say, Gisele has got it going on. A ridiculously handsome husband, a healthy baby, and the entire world at her fingertips — it's no surprise our favorite Brazilian topped Forbes' highest paid models list for the seventh year in a row (that's right, seven straight years). At $42 million a year, she's actually making more money than Tom Brady, although sadly, she is making $3 million less than the year before. It's okay, Gisele. If you need to borrow lunch money, we'll gladly help you out.

    Also on the list are Miranda Kerr and several other Victoria's Secret pals and, of course, Kate Moss. Chinese super-babe Liu Wen is also the first-ever Asian model to make this list, which we're totally thrilled about, because she is undoubtedly awesome and incredibly versatile (perhaps the most chameleon-like of any woman on this list). Click over to Forbes to see the full list, but be prepared to ogle at just how much these ladies are pulling in.

    But first, in honor of first-place winner Gisele, here's a look back at a few of her best moments from 2013. These are the campaigns that set her apart from the current crop of supers, not to mention the images that maker her iconic face (and bod) so very worth paying for.

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