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Got September-Issue Boredom? Us, Too

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    Every summer, we sit on pins and needles waiting for all the September issues to come out. Not only is it exciting to feel just how fat those books are (we love to see the mag industry bouncing back!), but we can't wait to find out all the cover stars. The September issues are the first sign of that back-to-school fever we still long for, bibles that will guide us through our wardrobe revamps, new beauty routines, and life makeovers — and the femme fatales on the covers are where we initially find inspiration.

    But, this year, we're a little bit disappointed. As the biggest and most anticipated issue of the year, September is supposed to be the magazine's time to shine — when editors can experiment with exciting fashion, and be (relatively) fearless with the covers and subsequents spreads inside. When we look at this fall's crop of fashion books — InStyle, Vanity Fair, Glamour, and the like — we just don't feel inspired. Sure, all the ladies gracing the covers are gorgeous and talented, but a bevy of blondes in relatively bland outfits just isn't what we were looking for. There's almost no groundbreaking fashion, and zero diversity (with the exception of Zooey Deschanel and Jennifer Garner); surely there are women out there who aren't blonde and blue eyed?

    Of course, we're not trying to get down on these ladies — Jen Garner, Jen Aniston, SJP, and J. Lawr are admirable women who are doing great things on and off the big screen. Instead, we're challenging the editors and publishers to give us more. We'd love to see women on the covers who actually represent those of us who are reading. And, where's the desirable, mind-blowing fashion? With the exception of Zooey Deschanel's look on Marie Claire, the rest don't do their stars justice. Ahead, we've broken down all the September covers, so click through and tell us what you think. Are you satisfied, or do you want more?

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