An Ode To TV's New Class Of Hotties

Summer is winding down, which means it's time to start gearing up for the fall TV season. And sure, there are some really captivating shows coming up with inspiring, strong female leads, riveting plot lines, and hilarious dialogue. But it's also important to acknowledge something else that our dear television gives us on the regular: hot guys.
We know, we know, it's not the most enlightened part of entertainment today, but sometimes we just want to flip on the tube and watch a beautiful man run around. Can ya blame us? In honor of all the TV hotties of yore (here's looking at you, Elliot Stabler), we're featuring the new crop of guys to hit the silver screen. You might recognize some, you might even already love some, but these nine beauties are our current boob-tube obsessions. Click through for a real good time.
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Photo: Courtesy of HBO
Chris O'Dowd

Okay, so we know the Bridesmaids star isn't exactly a newcomer, but he's just too cute not to dote on. Plus, his turn on the silver screen (HBO's Family Tree) has been pretty dang hilarious. Here's hoping the network renews the mostly improv show, but either way, we think the Irish actor has found his new medium.
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Photo: Courtesy of Cinemax
Anthony Starr

If you don't have Cinemax, now is the time to sign on up. Starr stars (we had to!) in Banshee as an ex-con masquerading as the sheriff of a small town in Pennsylvania. He's got the whole bad boy thing down pat, and he sure knows how to handle a firearm. If you're still skeptical, just know that the show comes from the creators of True Blood.
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Photo: Courtesy of HBO
Ed Skrein

If you're a Game of Thrones fan, you're probably already obsessed with Skrein's portrayal of Daario Naharis. If you're not, it's time to get on board. A chiseled chin, piercing eyes, and a fierce moral code that prioritizes beautiful, powerful ladies? Pretty much the ultimate dream guy. And that long, flowing hair reminds us of our beloved Legolas.
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Photo: Courtesy of NBC
Danny Pino

When Elliot Stabler departed the Special Victims Unit, he left a ripply, bicep-sized hole in our hearts. No one can truly fill Christopher Meloni's shoes, of course, but Danny Pino's Detective Amaro does a darn good job. He's got all of Stabler's passion (and good looks), but none of the occasionally over-the-top aggression. We're pretty sure he's what's been keeping the show going these last couple seasons.
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Photo: Courtesy of FX
Demian Bichir

In FX's new cop drama/murder mystery The Bridge, Bichir and Diane Kruger make one hot team. We're totally addicted to the show's twists and turns, and Bichir's character is exactly why we keep tuning in. And, don't even get us started on that facial hair — yes, if anyone's keeping track, we now love moustaches.
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Photo: Courtesy of USA
Daniel Sunjata

With turns on Smash and Rescue Me, Daniel Sunjata's no stranger to the small screen, but USA's latest thriller Graceland is his time to shine. He plays a veteran FBI agent living at an undercover training facility in SoCal, and has got that whole smoldering thing down pat. If nothing else, watch for the gratuitous shots of him in tight tees. That jawline ain't bad, either.
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Photo: Courtesy of Starz
Max Irons

Recognize that pout? That's because TV's latest hottie is the son of none other than legendary Brit Jeremy Irons. The boy wonder is taking a turn in Starz's The White Queen, an epic story about three femme fatales vying for the throne of England. Anyone who's a sucker for a British accent or piercing eyes, this guy's for you.
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Photo: Courtesy of HBO
Robert Kazinsky

Man, can this guy keep a secret. All along we thought he was just Sookie's buff friend Ben when actually...well, we don't want to spoil True Blood for you. Just know that this guy is keeping our interest in the show on high, and it's not all due to his rockin' bod.
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Photo: Courtesy of ABC Family
Ryan Guzman

The Step Up hottie recently joined our favorite guilty pleasure — yep, you guessed it, Pretty Little Liars. Guzman is taking a turn as Aria's love interest, and we have to say his biceps acting skills are really rounding out the cast.