Perfect Pairings: 5 Sunnies For 5 Outfits

You put in quite a bit of thought into what you're wearing, from your shirt to your shoes to which bag provides the perfect balance. But...your sunglasses? Chances are, you just pop 'em on when you leave your house. But, as you can see in the outfits ahead, a carefully chosen pair can really make your outfit. Whether it's an iridescent pair of mirrored sunnies or a casual-cool pair that dresses down a gown, these sunglasses might inspire the way you put the finishing touches on your outfit tomorrow morning. Click through to see!
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Photographed by Christian Vierig.
A juicy orange plastic pair of sunglasses make a simple T-shirt look incredible (the heels don't hurt either!).
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Photographed by Melodie Jeng
This glam gown might have been too much for a regular ol' afternoon, but the sunglasses help keep everything in check.
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Photographed by Christian Vierig
Coordinating your lenses with your outfit's trimmings? Genius.
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Photographed by Christian Vierig
An otherwise folksy dress gets an otherworldly touch of eclecticism via these electric-green specs.
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Photographed by Christian Vierig
A billowy bell skirt and a jaunty fedora get a fashion-forward elevation in the form of some sophisticated mirrored sunglasses.