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Skateboarding Mouse Is The Best Thing You'll See All Week

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    The world is full of beautiful things: the ocean, a lover's bosom, a field of wildflowers... But none can compare to what you're about to see. An Australian man named Shane Wilmott, who previously trained his mice to surf, has now gained fame once more for teaching the little guys to skateboard. It's rad. It's really rad.

    Hit the slideshow to see their daring ascent through the air, on ramps, and even through a ring of fire. But don't get jealous or sad. Yes, these mice are braver and more hardcore than you can ever dream to be. But it's okay — in Wilmott's words, they're "built to surf and skate because their centre of gravity is so low. When they do fall off, they want to get straight back on board." Physical ability combined with unending passion is something reserved for the world's greatest athletes, and all the rest of us can do is watch.

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