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Ooh Pretty! ABC Home Teams Up With Eskayel, Everyone Wins

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    In our book, few things are more heavenly than a new pillow. They encourage the sweetest dreams, provide much-needed back support, and make any space warm and instantly inviting. Hence our delight when dreamy design brand Eskayel (known for its graphic wallpaper) teamed up with ABC Home for an exclusive line appropriately called Cosmos — think Oyster linen pillows with otherworldly extraterrestrial prints. Yes, we're seeing stars, literally.

    The 10 designs pull inspiration from galaxies and unimaginable universes beyond — each is a kaleidoscope of rich blues, indigos, and subtle yellows that bring to mind surreal watercolor paintings. Two designs, the Quasar and Pulsar, seem to almost pull you into their center with geometric patterns of triangles. Sound trippy? We confess we're a bit mesmerized and soothed after looking at them. They may just be the closest we'll get to other galaxies, and well, we're kind of okay with that.

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