Awesome Acts of Portugal's Sudoeste Music Fest

janelle-monae-1Photo: Courtesy of Janelle Monáe
If you haven't heard of Sudoeste, let us enlighten you. Since summer 1997, Southern Portugal (Zambujeira do Mar, to be exact) has seen an influx of huge pop and electronic acts for five days of festival madness. This August is no different, with performers like Snoop Lion, Cee Lo Green, and Janelle Monáe balanced out by EDM stars like AVICII, Fatboy Slim, and Calvin Harris. While this certainly isn't the independent-leaning roster of a festival like Coachella or Pitchfork, there's a lot to be said for some of the world's biggest pop acts gathering on the summer beaches of Portugal for a week-long party, starting August 7. We've highlighted some of our favorite bands below, along with the full five-day lineup for this year's fest. See you there!
Snoop Lion
While it could seem like a calculated attempt to sell records, Snoop seems generally sincere about his shift away from street thug to ganja god. His new record, Reincarnated, had a lot of help from Diplo, a major influencer to Snoop's irie transformation.
Janelle Monáe
Nobody does retro R&B like Janelle Monáe. With her unmistakable coif and throwback style, she takes on soul like it isn't a day past 1970. Seen live, she's a tour de force of sultry vocals and classic musicianship.
Fatboy Slim
While Fatboy Slim may be associated with the '90s, he can still move a festival crowd like few other DJs. There's an undeniable joy to hearing tracks like "Praise You" and "Weapon of Choice" in the big, live settings they were meant to be played.
Calvin Harris
Calvin Harris is the guy behind some of the biggest hits of the last few years including Rihanna's "We Found Love." His solo material is just catchy — though more tailored to the dance floor — and his festival appearances are legendary. He works his magic on August 10.
When you think about world-famous EDM DJs, AVICII inevitably comes to mind. The Swedish DJ is a festival workhorse, taking on crowds of thousands, night after night around the world.
Up-and-coming pop star Kika is only fifteen years old, but she already holds the stage like a veteran. We wouldn't be surprised if she comes back to headline in a few years time.
Don Carlos
An integral part to roots reggae, Don Carlos has been making smooth Jamaican tunes since the early '80s. His set is a good opportunity to chill out during the the otherwise hectic festival scene.
Hey, why not? Pitbull makes pop rap with a consistency that few can match and the sheer number of hits under this guy's name can't be ignored. For a summer party soundtrack, you could do a lot worse.
Cee Lo Green
Watching Cee Lo live is mesmerizing. The sheer amount of rhinestones alone make for a can't-look-away experience. When you add the spectacle to more than a decade of chart-topping hits, he becomes a can't-miss show.
August 7
August 8
Richie Campbell
Mónica Ferraz
DJ Vibe
Rui Vargas & André Cascals
João Maria
Mighty Crown
Jah Sun
Israel Vibration
Palco Santa Casa
Long Way to Alaska
August 9
Pete tha Zouk
Fatboy Slim
Janelle Monáe
Donavon Frakenreiter
Tiago Bettencourt
Ninja Kore
Silly Walks Discotheque
Exco Levi
Rastafire Sound
Frankie Chavez
August 10
Calvin Harris
Cee Lo Green
Expensive Soul
DJ Xinobl+Da Chick
Mind Da Gap
Orelha Negra (DJ Set)
Jugglerz Sound vs Warrior Sound
Spit Fyah Sound
Don Carlos
The Uprising
João Só
Kumpania Algazarra
August 11
DJ Ride
Snoop Lion
Orelha Negra
Anselmo Ralph
Zona 5
Henri Josh
Vencedor passatempo Pete tha Zouk
Tiago Santos
Congo Natty feat. Tenor Fly, Nancy & Phoebe
Sintra Bass Connection
Ana Free

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