Are These Work Tips Anywhere Close To Realistic?

embedIllustrated by Christina De La Cruz
Sit down and enjoy breakfast in the mornings. Keep work e-mail off your phone. Schedule activities in the evenings so that you leave the office at a reasonable hour. All good tips, right? Then why do we feel the need to spit out a resounding "Ha"?
Editors at the Huffington Post helpfully compounded their 17 tips on how to "save time and beat stress" at work, and we agree with a lot of them — we're also loving Boomerang and how it allows us to schedule 3 a.m. insomnia-induced e-mails without freaking out our colleagues — but, we have to admit, some of them seem like they're from 2010 or something. While they hold up some wonderful ideals, who the heck can get away with not checking their work e-mail these days? Who, we ask?
Sadly, we live in 2013, and while we appreciate some of these way-earnest tips, some of them are making us more bummed than hopeful. Don't remind us that there was once a time when e-mail on phones didn't exist, HuffPo. We'll keep your tips in mind, but we're also pretty convinced that the 24-7 workday is here to stay — and all of that idealism might just slow us down. Does anyone agree, or are we just being cynical? (Huffington Post)