Star Maps: Style Edition!

Fact: Star Maps are one of L.A.'s oldest (and arguably strangest) tourist attractions. But, does the idea of paying $5 for a map that will lead you to a house that may have temporarily belonged to Robert Redford sound all that good to you? Yeah, we didn't think so. So, why not take the tradition and give it a good ol' Cali makeover. Enter R29's Star Maps: Style Edition, our handmade guide to the most fashionable areas of L.A., and the style icons that define each! Come on, let's go for a drive!
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The Location: Beachwood

The Look: Picture a small tent smack-dab in the center of Disneyland, on the busiest day of the year. Tucked away in the middle of Hollywood's most populated area, Beachwood's ideal for those who seek privacy — but never stray far enough to miss out on a party. Expect a total hodgepodge of cozy cabin-lifers, bohemian artists, and nature babes in tracksuits. The craziest part? Some even appear to be all three of the above.
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The Beachwood Icon: Mary-Kate Olsen

Where You'll Find Her Descendants: Hiking The Beachwood Canyon Trail in an old Free City sweatshirt, picking up deli sandwiches with a crew of friends from Beachwood Market.

Photo: Erik Pendzich/Rex USA
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The Location: Beverly Hills

The Look: If you're picturing Troop Beverly Hills, you're actually not that far off. Aside from the lack of shoulder pads and perms, 90210 is pretty much the same lavish display of luxury shown in all the movies. Yes, there are even really, really big hats.

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The Beverly Hills Icon: Elizabeth Taylor

Where You'll Find Her Descendants: Barneys.

Photo: Everett Collection/Rex USA
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The Location: Laurel Canyon

The Look: It hasn't totally moved on from its counterculture heyday, but then again, why should it? You go hang out with Jim Morrison and Frank Zappa, and then maybe you'll be allowed to criticize.

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The Laurel Canyon Icon: Joni Mitchell

Where You'll Find Her Descendants: You probably won't find them — unless, of course, you manage to get an invite to one of their wildly bohemian parties.

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The Location: Larchmont

The Look: Young, playful, and enthused. Fun... but not too goofy.

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The Larchmont Icon: Alexa Chung

Where You'll Find Her Descendants: Sure, she's from England, but if we're talking strictly style, Chung's pure-bred Larchmont. You'll find clusters with Peter Pan collars and Mary Jane flats, twirling kooky (but expensive) keychains, as they wait in line for coffee at Brick & Scones.

Photo: Erik Pendzich/Rex USA
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The Location: Brentwood

The Look: Casual, cleancut, and PG.

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The Brentwood Icon: Ali MacGraw

Where You'll Find Her Descendants: Enjoying an iced green tea and a "Trust Me" from Sugarfish, and then heading to Jenni Kayne at the Brentwood Country Mart to scope out the latest colored flats.

Photo: Rex USA
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The Location: Santa Monica

The Look: Nike Dunks, retro running shorts, and great hair. Also, being well-versed in '90s hiphop is kind of a prerequisite.

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The Santa Monica Icon: Brooke Shields (pictured here with her then-beau, Andre Agassi)

Where You'll Find Her Descendants: Ordering the Godmother to-go from Bay Cities, or looking for a new piece of art to take home from Bergamot Station.

Photo: Charles Sykes/ RexUSA
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The Location: Malibu

The Look: Seventies beach funk still reigns supreme in Malibu. Bleach-blonde shag cuts, barely there bikinis, and slippers by the door (in case — God forbid — you need to chase your beau's Golden Retriever down PCH).

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The Malibu Icon: Goldie Hawn

Where You'll Find Her Descendants: If they're not hiding out in the Colony, you might catch them sharing homemade grilled pita at Taverna Tony's or stolling around The Malibu Country Mart in cut-off Levi's.

Photo: Courtesy Everett Collection/Rex USA
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The Location: Topanga

The Look: Yoga pants paired with crop tops, wacky prints on everything, and a lot of flair.

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The Topanga Icon: Cher

Where You'll Find Her Descendants: Shopping for Kate Moss-approved wears at Hidden Treasures, before heading to Topanga Fresh Organics for a green juice.

Photo: Courtesy Everett Collection/Rex USA