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The History Of Facebook: Take A Walk Down Memory Lane

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    Timelines and status updates may seem like an integral part of daily life now, but there was a time when the idea of telling the entire internet "What's on your mind" seemed way foreign. Remember when mobile updates were a brand new invention? Remember when you couldn't even "like" things? This is the rush of nostalgia that comes from browsing through Facebook's many evolutions.

    Forbes recently put together a retrospective of sorts on the social media site's many changes, and some of the outdated iterations of the site will give you quite the walk down memory lane. Our personal favorites include the mini feed and the "looking for" section. And, if you're a real Facebook old timer, you'll remember the days when the URL was Click through the slideshow to see history unfold before your eyes...and then maybe check out your own profile to do some serious untagging. (Forbes)

    Photo: Via Forbes

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