Montauk Guide: Where To Surf, Shop, Sip, & Savor

When you’re on your way to Montauk from Manhattan, it might feel like you're headed towards the end of the earth, but it’s only the end of Long Island. And we promise, it’s worth it. Which is exactly why so many of us park our beach chairs there for the summer.
Montauk is the perfect location for those who love the high energy of the Hamptons, but require a little peace and quiet every now and then. It is rare that those two qualities blend together so easily, and Montauk has it down. One minute you are dancing poolside to the sickest DJ in the East End, the next you are passing by old storefronts that transport you back to the '50s.
Between the endless pool parties, the surfer-chic boutiques, and the late-night bonfires, we know summer 2013 is going to be epic.
Paying the Refinery29 House a visit this summer? Be sure to make time for all this beach-town has to offer.
Photo: Courtesy of Photo: Courtesy of The Montauk Lighthouse.
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Cinema Cycle
You know how on a hot day, all you want to do is sit in a cold movie theatre — and not sweaty like crazy while working out? But what if you could do both, minus the heat? At Cinema Cycle, you can take a cycling class and catch up on this summer’s blockbusters in full-blast AC.

Cinema Cycle at Montauk Movie, 15 South Edgemere Street (between South Erie street and South Euclid avenue).; 631-668-2393, Montauk.
Photo: Courtesy of Cinema Cycle.
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Ditch Plains Beach
Ditch Plains Beach is Montauk’s premier spot for surfing. The beach’s extra long break makes it ideal for virgin or veteran long-boarders. Watch out, though — on a good wave-catching day, finding space in the water is like trying to find space at the Surf Lodge bar on a Saturday night.

Ditch Plains Beach, Ditch Plains Road, Montauk
Photographed by Melodie Jeng, Courtesy of Katrina Garry
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Gulf Coast Kitchen
Suffering from withdrawal from your pumps and flashy jewelry? Head to the more upscale Gulf Coast Kitchen at the Montauk Yacht Club. The décor will transport you to a trendy Southern plantation, but the stunning water views and dishes like the Montauk Lobster Bake, which features local clams and corn, will keep you grounded on the East End.

Gulf Coast Kitchen, 32 Star Island Road; 631-668-3100, Montauk.
Photo: Courtesy of Gulf Coast Kitchen.
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Gosman’s Clam Bar
This Montauk family has been catching and cooking the best seafood in town since the '40s, so it’s pretty much mandatory that you stop by their walk-up Clam Bar to try their famed lobster. Throw on a bib and get messy. It doesn’t matter, everyone’s too busy enjoying the view of the port to notice you have butter dribbling down your chin.

Gosman’s Clam Bar, 484 West Lake Drive; 631-668-2549, Montauk.
Photo: Courtesy of Gosman's Clam Bar.
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South Edison Beach
Maybe it’s Sloppy Tuna’s daytime parties that attract sunbathers to this beach, or maybe it's the calmer waves than those at Ditch Plains. The sand is usually scattered with laidback weekenders recovering from last night’s Surf Lodge party. That is, until it’s time to start all over again. Not ready for another rowdy night just yet? Organize a perfectly legal bonfire on the beach for a true Montauk experience.

South Edison Beach, at the end of South Edison Street, Montauk. Photo: Courtesy of South Edison Beach.
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The Montauk Beach House
This hipster hotel also serves as a public party in downtown Montauk. Throughout the summer, guests and non-guests can enjoy ‘round the clock DJs, pool parties, fashion shows, pop-up boutiques, and live music. It seems like owners (and partygoers) Chris Jones and Larry Siedlick have fulfilled their goal of having a bit of “serious fun.” Stop by to join in.

The Montauk Beach House, 55 S Elmwood Ave (between S. Edgemere and S. Edison streets); 631-668-2112, Montauk.
Photo: Courtesy of The Montauk Beach House.
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The Montauk Lighthouse
This Montauk icon is the oldest lighthouse in the state. It was designed at George Washington’s request in 1797, so yeah…it’s a pretty big deal. Go on a tour of the landmark and visit the historic museum for a quiet afternoon. Located on a hill above the surf line, it is one of the most scenic lighthouses in North America, which makes it the perfect spot for pictures, not to mention a little whale watching.

The Montauk Lighthouse, 2000 New York 27 (off Lighthouse Road); 631-668-2544, Montauk.
Photo: Courtesy of The Montauk Lighthouse.
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Navy Beach
If you envy all those boat-owning folks, swim, drive, or walk to Navy Beach restaurant. The nautical-themed décor and menu will take you out on the high seas – minus the seasickness. Located on the sand, guests can enjoy one of the best sunsets in Montauk from the restaurant's porthole windows or one of their tables on the shore.

Navy Beach, 16 Navy Rd; 631-668-6868, Montauk.
Photo: Courtesy of Navy Beach.
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Rebecca Minkoff at Solé East
If you have no idea what to pack for your Montauk trip, don’t fret. Drop by the Rebecca Minkoff boutique at the hip Solé East resort and you will be treated to a beach-themed makeover. From colorful clutches and cat-eye sunnies, to lacy sundresses and strappy leather sandals, Rebecca Minkoff at the Beach will serve as your closet this summer. Once you’re decked out in a brand new ensemble, strut on by Solé East’s lively pool scene to turn some heads.

Solé East Resort, 90 Second House Road (between S. Elbert Lane and S. Elroy Drive); 631-668-2105, Montauk.
Photo: Courtesy of Solé East Resort.
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Montauk Yacht Club
Escape the summer crowds by chartering one of the yachts docked at the Montauk Yacht Club, which also serves as a resort. Enjoy it with someone special, or turn it into a booze cruise.

Montauk Yacht Club, 32 Star Island Road; 631-668-3100, Montauk.
Photo: Courtesy of Montauk Yacht Club.
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Share with...Montauk
Founder Joelle Klein only sells environmentally friendly products; she prides her store on being a safe haven for fashionistas who don’t want to sacrifice earth for style. You can shop for everything from home accessories and beauty supplies, to the best beachwear and chic clothing, all while helping protect the planet. If doing good deeds doesn’t draw you in, the art displayed in the windows will. Every month, Klein partners with a different artist proving that art and fashion do go hand in hand.

Share with…Montauk, 764 Montauk Hwy (between The Plaza and S. Edison street); 631-668-2205, Montauk.
Photo: Courtesy of Share with...Montauk.
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Air and Speed Surf Shop
Montauk has some of the best waves in the country, so we suggest you catch some. Not sure how? Montauk favorite Air and Speed Surf Shop not only sells and rents any type of surfing equipment you could possibly need (in addition to some cute surfer apparel), they also offer surf lessons from some of the East End’s finest instructors at Ditch Plains. Not ready to get up on a board? They also offer boogie and paddle boarding.

Air and Speed Surf Shop, 795 Montauk Hwy; 631-668-0356, Montauk.
Photo: Courtesy of Air and Speed Surf Shop.
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Whalebone Creative
Jesse James Joeckel, Montauk native and owner of this neighborhood hangout, says his clothing line was inspired by “surfing, fishing, and a sense of community.” That is the exact feel of this storefront - which doubles as Joeckel’s design studio. Shoppers will fall in love with the laidback atmosphere and Joeckel’s creative, handmade T-shirts, handbags, and accessories — if not Joeckel himself.

Whalebone Creative, 65 Tuthill Road, Montauk.
Photo: Courtesy of Whalebone Creative.
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The Sloppy Tuna
If you want to see and be seen, all you have to do is stumble off the beach after some sunbathing and right onto the deck of this hotspot for a little afternoon drinking. Located on one of the best beaches in Montauk, this is where the action involves bikinis, lobster rolls, live music, and “the deadliest catch,” which is their signature rum-punch drink.

The Sloppy Tuna, 148 S Emerson Ave (between S. Edison and S. Edgemere streets); 631-647-8000, Montauk.
Photo: Courtesy of The Sloppy Tuna.