Carven's Fall Ads Are Intentionally Eye-Blurringly Beautiful

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    Is it just us, or does Carven's fall ad campaign fool you into thinking it's about time for an eye checkup? Ditch the glasses and stop your squinting though, because it seems Carven has created an intentionally out-of-focus playground in the Forêt de Fontainebleau, a picturesque setting just south of Paris, for its latest campaign.

    Beyond the soft focus, one can still make out the breathtaking French charmer, Marine Deleeuw, meandering through the wooded landscape. The lush, cotton-candy colors of her sash-tied coats pop against the neutral palette of the woodlands, and Deleeuw plays the perfect, Carven-clad nymph. If you're feeling like you're having a hard time focusing — no worries. Just drift away into this hazy forest dream...but make sure your boss knows that you're just "resting your eyes."

    Photo: Courtesy of Carven

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