Editors' Picks: 21 Home Goods We REALLY Want Right Now

Let's be honest: Furniture and home decor can get pretty pricey. And, one day, we'd like to outfit our digs in the many treasures the design-forward industry has to offer — and not entirely from Craigslist hand-me-downs and flea-market finds. Until then, though, we can only dream. So, let's get this REM cycle started! Ahead, the wish-list items our editors really, obsessively want to take home.
Some editors entertained their lottery-winning dreams with expensive, ornate finds that we could only afford if we sold a kidney. Others kept it stylishly practical with pieces they need right now. But all of these picks show a glimpse of the personal, whimsical, creative, and all-around awesome styles of our staff. Click on, and tell us what you're coveting in the comments.
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"I'm moving into a new apartment where, for the first time in my life, I'll be able to have a proper dining-room table (instead of, you know, a folding card table shoved between the fridge and the bathroom door). These marbled, scoop-back chairs from West Elm are so cool and would make the perfect pattern mix atop an old Persian rug."
—Connie Wang, senior global editor

West Elm Scoop-Back Chair - Marbleized, $99-$396, available at West Elm.
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"Not to be the typical IKEA-obsessed 20-something here, but I'm definitely eyeing this multilevel plant stand. I don't have much space inside, but I'm lucky enough to have an awesome roof where I can put tons of plants. Unfortunately, getting stuff up the rickety ladder is a real challenge for a klutz like me. This stand is light enough to carry up, but also minimal enough that it can fit nicely into a certain nook in my apartment when it's time to bring the plants down for winter!"
—Lexi Nisita, associate community editor

IKEA PS 2012 Plant stand with 3 plant pots, $39.99, available at IKEA.
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"I know that shopping for Anthropologie isn't the most original thing in the world, but I just can't help but go crazy for all the eclectic decor. I've been obsessed with its collection of Middle Eastern-inspired pillows for ages, but haven't been able to justify shelling out over $100 for one. But, I think it's about time to pull the trigger — I have a gray armchair in my living room that's just begging to be brightened up by this fringed beauty."
—Seija Rankin, associate news editor

Anthropologie Fringed Javadi Pillow, $98–$128, available at Anthropologie.
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"In this summer heat, all I really want to do on the weekends is learn new cocktail recipes. Etsy has so many ridiculously cute shaker options, it's impossible to choose."
—Chloe Daley, production assistant

Vintage Cocktail Shaker Stainless Steel, $26, available at Etsy
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"I'm constantly dreaming about a big, cozy armchair to curl up in. I think part of me believes I'll sit in it and do incredibly grown-up things like read Sophist philosophy, and finish the Sunday Times crossword puzzle. This is all a total fantasy, but it would be nice to sit in a great chair while I watch YouTube cat videos."
—Kelsey Miller, SEO editor

Thrive Taylor Chair, $849, available at Thrive Home Furnishings.
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"You've seen mason jars do all kinds of unthinkable things. In this hipster era, they are tea-candle holders at weddings or become flower vases when covered in lace. But for the ultimate hipster, observe: mason jars as shot glasses. These are desirable mainly for their teeny tiny size, but they're also a huge step up from your mix-matched collection of I —Sharon Yi, assistant managing editor

Mason Jar Shot Glasses, $14, available at BustedTees.
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"I need to replace my couch. And this beautiful, magical, sloping creation dances in my dreams and taunts me (look at those charming legs — of course it dances!). It's a smidge more than I want to spend, but it's so beautiful. And the antithesis of all of the boxy, boring sofas that I loathe."
—Neha Gandhi, deputy editor

Restoration Hardware Deconstructed English Roll Arm Sofa, $2,195-$3,610, available at Restoration Hardware.
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"I have tiny space and I definitely need a desk to keep my life organized. I love how compact this piece is, and the clean, white design will match pretty much everything."
—Lisa Dionisio, production editor

Threshold™ Basic Desk in White, $109, available at Target
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"The windows in my apartment face east, so I get some serious sun exposure in the morning — great when I need to get up for work (nature's alarm clock!), but not when I want to sleep in on the weekend. After eight years in the same pad (and getting up earlier than I may have wanted to), I am finally on the market for light-blocking shades. Along with creating a dark-as-pitch room, these shades provide extra insulation and filter out UV rays that can damage furniture. The only drawback? I may not want to wake up."
—Rebecca Taras, Chicago editor

IKEA Lindmon Venetian blind, brown, $19.99, available at IKEA.
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"Being the neutral-loving minimalist that I am, I really, really want this storage basket to use as a laundry hamper. It's way cuter than those uggo mesh hampers (you know what I'm talking about), and the print brings a bit of whimsy to my otherwise streamlined home. I don't live in a prison, after all."
—Diana Nguyen, senior editor

LEIF Half Moon Storage Basket, $80, available at LEIF.
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"I have two cats who love perching and climbing, but I can't bring myself to get another one of those carpeted kitty condos. Meanwhile, the furry little devils have been knocking books out of our shelves to create their own hidey-hole. This bed would give them a place to curl up and snooze, and it's much better-looking than most cat furniture."
—Annie Tomlin, beauty director

Hepper Cat Bed - Grey, $110, available at Hepper.
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"Keeping in line with my penchant for vintage-inspired pieces, this IKEA cabinet has been at the top of my wish list for weeks. The shade of green looks like it came straight out of the '50s (which is a good thing, in my book), and I love how it lets you display something simple, like white bath towels or simple dishes, in an artful way."
—Holly Thomas, D.C. editor

IKEA FABRIKÖR Glass-Door Cabinet, Light Green, $179, available at IKEA
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"I have a huge white space above my bed, and I've been dying to find the perfect piece of art to fill it with. And by 'dying' I mean hoping to one day serendipitously come across the most splendid painting or print that is the ideal size and price and has an awesome story. Truth be told, this tactic has proved far from fruitful — the space has been blank for almost a year. Recently, however, I found Art Remba, an online art gallery that allows users to discover and rent works from artists around the world. This piece, 'Shanghai Dreamers No. 1' by Quentin Shih, was commissioned by the House of Dior. Though it retails for $10,500, it can be rented for $100/month. The perfect price to make the last month in my current apartment extra beautiful."
—Samantha Yu, editorial assistant

"Shanghai Dreamers No. 1" by Quentin Shih, $10,500 or $100/month rental, available at Art Remba.
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"I know, I know, an Eames lounge chair is in the home of just about every glasses-wearing, NPR-listening midcentury-modern fan. But, darn it, I want one in the house of THIS glasses-wearing, NPR-listening midcentury-modern fan — preferably in the classic black-leather-and-wood color scheme, please. Oh, and it doesn't count without the ottoman."
—Gabriel Bell, staff writer

Eames Lounge Chair & Ottoman, $4,499, available at Hive.
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"From the weird layering of patterns to the way-too-large-for-that-room sofa, I'm crazy about classic-English-countryside aesthetic. This look definitely includes Falcon Enamelware, the quintessential British cookware company that's been around since the '20s. Though I probably don't need a bake pan for bangers and mash, I can't say no to this set of four tumblers. I plan on drinking cola in them, while wearing trousers, and pretending I just got home from boarding school."
—Ali Hoffman, L.A. editor

Falcon Tumblers, $7.53, available at Falcon
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"Lusting after the large Diptyque Baies scented candle. I have a narrow, nonworking fireplace in my new apartment with a black backsplash, which this would be perfect for. It's my favorite scent and would fit perfectly in the narrow space and matches the color. I was thinking of getting a piece of salvaged wood from a tree trunk to rest it on."
—Marissa Rosenblum, director of programming

Diptyque Baies Large Candle Indoor & Outdoor Edition, $275, available at Barneys.
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"I've had my eye on this little Lucite tray for a solid two months now, and I'm so ready to pull the trigger. Not only is it the perfect antidote to my daily-morning fluster (where did I leave my keys??), but it's an adorably chic way to jazz up a naked nightstand or coffee table. Plus, the whole made-in-America thing makes my style conscience rest easy."
—Lauren Caruso, staff writer

Katie Kime Sunset Lucite Tray, $72, available at Of a Kind.
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"Having just moved into a new apartment, my focus has shifted from clutches to couches. This one from West Elm is the perfect noncolor, the perfect size, and so, so comfortable without looking lumpy or overwhelming. It's just one of the many things I have on my West Elm wish list. Did I mention my birthday was July 17?" —Annie Georgia Greenberg, New York editor

West Elm Heath Sofa, $999–$1,499, available at West Elm.
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"I'm in the market for a pair of full-grown (at least 6-inch) fiddle-leaf fig trees to flank either side of my living room — the oversized, slightly wild leaves will play perfectly off the natural sisal rugs and dark-hardwood floors."
—Jessica Teves, managing editor

House Interior Plants 8' Ficus Lyrata, Fiddle Leaf Fig, $299, available at Houston Interior Plants.
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"On those hectic days when I'm running from market appointment to appointment, it'd be nice to come home to this sight. Instant tranquility. I may need to snatch this up before Fashion Week!"
—Willow Lindley, assistant fashion editor

Psst...you can steal up to half off this Burke Decor print with your R29 Ticket.

Sea Photo Print On Canvas, $19, available at BurkeDecor.
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"I have been obsessed with chandeliers my whole life — to the point of irrationality. My mom inherited a rose-colored, antique chandelier when I was 8, and I actually got upset when I realized she was putting it in the dining room instead of my bedroom. I have collected small, affordable versions my whole life, but I can't wait until the day I own my own 'real' chandelier. Since I have also been on a birdcage kick for the last year or two, this chandelier-birdcage hybrid is perfect. I might not be able to afford it, but I sure can dream about hanging it in my entryway one day."
—Rebecca Smith, SEO editor

Restoration Hardware Vintage Birdcage Chandelier X-Small, $2,395, available at Restoration Hardware.