Kate Moss Talks Tan Lines And Never Wearing Sweatpants


3 Kate Moss might be more focused on being a wife and mother these days than she is on modeling gigs, but we've still got a major soft spot for the beauty. (And, of course, we can never get enough of stories from her '90s heydays). Now the model-slash-mogul is stoking our fire even more, with the cover of Allure's August issue.

Besides looking like a total bombshell (but, really, what's new?), Moss dishes to the mag about her personal style — she tries to be chic at all times, eschewing pieces like sweatpants and twinsets — and her husband's take on her, ahem, beauty beliefs. "I don't mind a bikini bottom," she says. "My husband likes lines on the bum — men like white bums. I try not to have a white boob."

The queen of heroin chic is also letting us in on the other major part of her life: her daughter, Lila. Turns out, she takes after Mom with a major interest in fashion — and that includes an obsession for a certain cult favorite. "She's watched The Devil Wears Prada ten times, and she's got a desk in her room with a phone," said Moss. "She puts a little outfit on and picks up the phone: 'Hello, Miranda Priestly’s office.' I say, 'Lila, do you know who Miranda Priestly is in real life?' But she just doesn’t care. She's like, ‘Hello, Miranda Priestly’s office. Can you hold? Patrick Demarchelier on the line!' I died when I heard her do it. So funny. She doesn’t have a clue who she is, but its word for word." Like mother, like daughter.

Click through to see more stunning shots from the magazine's spread, and pick up a copy of the August issue on July 23 for the deets on dealing with tabloid rumors and her infamous relationship with Johnny Depp.

Photo: Mario Testino for Allure
Photo: Mario Testino for Allure
Photo: Mario Testino for Allure