"The Canyons" Trailer Bears Witness To Lindsay Lohan's Return

Guys, it's here. The Canyons, starring Lindsay Lohan and James Deen, is really happening. It's been talked about, buzzed about, trashed, panned, exalted in every forum from SXSW to The New York Times, and now it's your turn. And even if you don't care much about LiLo, interested parties will flock to see if Brett Easton Ellis can breathe life into a career (and, some might say, a genre) that hasn't quite clicked this side of the millenium. We have to agree with Vulture that this is pretty much a must-see. If it's a win, it'll be the surprise of a lifetime. If it's a certifiably rotten tomato, it'll probably be even more ubiquitous in cocktail conversation. Either way, we can't help but feel pretty intrigued by this one. The film will be in select theaters on August 2. That, or you can enjoy it in "the privacy of your own home," which given the amount of implied nudity in this trailer might be the better decision.
Photo/Video: Via YouTube.

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