David Lynch's Bombshell Muse Shows Off 4 Next-Level Outfits

Whether she's performing for the A-list at Silencio or wandering down a nondescript alleyway, Chrysta Bell knows how to turn heads. It's no surprise that this bombshell chanteuse moonlights as the longtime muse of filmmaker and visual artist David Lynch, who produced her 2011 solo debut, This Train.
Introducing Bell at a recent party, Lynch said, "Sometimes people dream, or sometimes people walk down the street and wonder: What is that shape? What is that sound?" Inquiring minds want to know. So, on a recent afternoon, we followed the Texas-raised, Oakland-based songstress to Temescal Alley, where she modeled four summer looks, and talked style icons, music inspirations, and secret beauty elixirs (ladies, it involves her breasts). Captivated? Let the bell ring!
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As a kid, what did you want to do?
"Music. I have always wanted to write, record, and perform. Except there was one year where I wanted to be a dentist. That time passed."

Where do you go for musical inspiration?
"I get inspired by unique and passionate performers who are dedicated to their craft: People like Gary Clark Jr., Lianne La Havas, Antony Hegarty, Asaf Avidan, James Blake, and Kimbra. I also like performers who have strong, intriguing, and identifiable imagery, like Sade and Annie Lennox. There are also young writers really going for it, like Charli XCX. People churning out mega-hits like Bruno Mars and Katy Perry can be inspiring, too — as well as people who are true to their musical hearts for the long run, like PJ Harvey, Björk, Tom Waits, and Nick Cave."

Chrysta stays cool in a vintage cheesecloth button-up, Zara high-waisted floral pants, Han Cholo cuff, thrifted bullhorn necklace, and Marc Jacobs sandals.
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What are your all-time favorite local places to unwind?
"I have some favorite restaurants: Sol Food in San Rafael, and Pizzaiolo and MUA in Oakland. I love hiking at Tilden Park, and driving north and visiting the Redwoods. It’s heavenly."

Check out that peekaboo infinity tattoo!
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What are your favorite stores in the Bay Area?
"I love Alice + Olivia on Fillmore. I also always enjoy going hunting for treasures at Wasteland on Haight, because I usually find something I can’t live without. If I'm feeling sexy, I go to Dollhouse Bettie. The lingere there is really beautiful."

The bullhorn pendant is a nod to her El Paso roots. Girl's got a mean Texas accent!
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Who are your style icons?
"My all-time icons are Rita Hayworth, Marlene Dietrich, and Sophia Loren. Some of my more modern fashion muses are Florence Welch, Cate Blanchett, and Charlize Theron."

The singer is a pro in the summer heat — which may have something to do with her affinity to the purple Spiral Galaxy...
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You're literally glowing. What is your diet like?
"I lean toward vegetarian when in California, but I eat as close to how the locals eat in whatever country I'm visiting while on tour, which is much of my year. If the culture has mostly dishes with meat, I go with it. The staples of my diet are dark chocolate — the darker the better — sprouted bread and butter — from cows who are pasture fed — and yogurt and hemp granola. I avoid refined sugars and breads. I do regular detoxes and cleanses."

You've performed all over the world. Have you fallen in love with a particular city?
"Yes, Lisbon, Portugal. The vibe is somewhere between Paris, Amsterdam, and San Francisco — but it stays nice and warm. Many of the cobblestone streets are lined with sweet-smelling Jacaranda trees. There is easy access to beautiful beaches and great food. And, it’s not crazy-expensive like Paris or London. There's also an amazing late-night scene. I recommend it."
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What makes you feel confident and sexy on stage?
"I love wearing sky-high heels. It makes me feel powerful and keeps me on my toes — literally. I prefer it when my hair is down, wild, and big. My go-to outfit for stage performances is a form-fitting dress that I can still move easily in and has some interesting design element, with a dramatic architectural collar or intricate corset."

A vision in a Marc Jacobs silk-and-lace, dove-grey dress, Miriam Haskell vintage collar necklace, and Dolce Vita red-suede pumps.
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What's your beauty regimen like?
"I have an in-depth regimen for my skin. I think one of the most important things I do is dry brushing the skin on the face, neck, and décolletage. It improves tone, texture, and keeps my pores cleansed. I do a purifying mask from Icona Skincare, called Aria, after dry brushing, and these days I follow that up with a vitamin C serum from Mad Hippie and the restorative serum from La Vie Celeste. If I am putting on makeup after, I will follow that serum with Skin 2 Skin 24/7 Rejuvenation because it is packed with peptides and has silicone that helps my makeup go on smoothly. I alternate nighttime treatments with Arcona’s The Solution and its Vitamin A Complex. My skin is glowing and dewy-fresh when I wake up after doing either of those treatments."
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We’re big fans of This Train, produced by your longtime collaborator, Mr. Lynch. How did you two meet?
"David and I met through an agent in Hollywood ten years ago. This agent had a feeling that the two of us would hit it off musically and made the introduction. We were a great match in the studio and we really enjoyed our time creating art together. I think the chemistry comes from a friendly mutual infatuation and deep respect for each other, as well as having compatible tastes in art and music. He’s become a guiding light in my life."

The filmmaker has described Bell as "round and fully packed." Here, his muse takes five in front of a Temescal Alley storefront. A cold rosé, please!
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When you perform, do you ever channel past or present sirens? If so, which ones?
"When I'm on stage, I take information from everything and everyone I have seen or heard that has ever moved me. It’s in there, one way or another. The sirens I love to watch are Rita Hayworth, Julie London, and Peggy Lee. Current sirens I admire are Melody Gardot, Ane Brun, and Mela Lee of Magnolia Memoir."

Chrysta is spot-on in an Altuzurra cashmere sweater, emerald ring, vintage YSL dress, and thrifted lace-up booties. It's a perfect date outfit, appropriately on location at Pizzaiolo.
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Describe your style in just five words.
"Vibrant, body-hugging, stress-free."
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We heard you just collaborated on a video with V magazine! Can you share a little about that?
"The Friday Night Fly music video happened at The Standard Hotel in NYC when I was there last February for some live performances. The stylist brought a Valentino couture dress for me that was to live for. Director Trevor Undi — known for his stunning runway films for Chanel and Alexander McQueen — headed up a three-camera shoot with lots of super dramatic lighting. At one point during it, I was on the floor, working this billowy lacy dress, feeling very Madonna during her 'Like A Virgin' phase."
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What are your current obsessions?
"Writing lyrics for the new record, getting the perfect red in my hair, and…taking care of my breasts. Yes, my breasts. I want to do all I can to keep my breasts youthful and healthy, and after doing my research, I'm using this amazing product called Earthsong Pomegranate Breast Oil. The oil comes with directions on how to self-massage the breasts for increased circulation that promotes tissue health. The oil smells so good and looks like liquid gold. The welcomed side benefit is a nice toning and plumping of the breast tissue. I’m all about it. I do the massage four times a week."

Chrysta gives good face in a vintage Montgomery Ward dress, Hermès bangles, Lobra chain-mail bag, and Prada buckle shoes.
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How much time do you spend on the Internet and what are your favorite websites?
"I spend a lot of time online, but I'm mostly working. Mostly! My boyfriend just turned me on to Gawker. I guess everyone knew about it but me! I can lose 20 minutes there, way too easily. For pure entertainment, I head to AwkwardFamilyPhotos. For inspiration, I visit Abraham Hicks for the quote of the day."
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What is your go-to daily "uniform"? "Some colorful leggings and an easy top, paired with comfy flats or ankle boots."

You have a great bod, and the teensiest waist. Any fitness secrets you care to share?
Thank you! I think the secret to my waist is the combination of genetics, being active, eating healthfully, and staying well-hydrated. My tummy has always been a power feature, but I’ve never been a fan of my legs, though I did see a dramatic shift in my entire body after receiving The Rolfing Ten-Series. I actually got taller and my limbs lengthened. And, of course yoga is essential in my life. My grandmother taught yoga 'til she was 83. I also love hiking and swimming.

We love the color and texture play in this outfit.
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What's on your current playlist?
"My current playlist is usually whatever is playing on KCRW . I listen to the Santa Monica-based radio station all the time with an app on my smartphone and discover countless new great artists. It’s a virtual directory for emerging talent and unique voices. My favorite singer to watch perform live these days is Mela Lee of Magnolia Memoir. She kills it every time. Such passion! Watching an artist with an incredible voice and captivating stage presence is deeply inspiring for me. I don’t think I’m alone there!"

Kicking up the heels and catching some rays in Doña Tomás' back patio.