The Best Braids In The Fall Campaigns? They Belong To Willie Nelson

Appearing alongside his musician sons — Lukas Nelson, 24, and Micah Nelson, 23 — country star and legend Willie Nelson fronts the coolest John Varvatos ads we've seen to date (sorry, Dave Matthews — it wasn't even a competition). This isn't the first time that Willie's lent out his visage for advertisements — he's appeared in ads and commercials for Gap and Chipotle — but this is the first where we've been so knocked back by his perfect braids.
Slicked back and pin-straight, tied off with regular black elastics, Nelson rocks those braids better than any backward-fishtail, tucked-up Heidi crown concoction we've ever attempted. Says Willie about his signature strands, "They used to talk about those long-haired musicians and they asked me if that was what I was going to be when I was a kid. Plus, I hated barbershops. I still don't really like to get my hair cut." Check out the video below to see the Nelson boys in action playing "Still Is Still Moving to Me."