The Traveler's Guide To Looking Gorgeous

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    Once July fully descends upon us in all of its muggy, sweltering glory, the only thing we love more than heading to the nearest beach is heading to a faraway beach — or mountain, or small town, or anywhere but the same old scene we've been sweating. And, though we might be forced to sacrifice some comforts while traveling (wait, there's nowhere to get fresh green juice on the New Jersey Turnpike?) we're not willing to part with our beauty routines. Just because we're going to be seat-belted in for the next six hours doesn't mean we're going to let ourselves go. It's as much for our own benefit as for our traveling companions: Trust us, we make much better travel buddies when we're looking (and, ahem, smelling) fresh.

    Want to know our secrets? It's all in the products — obviously. For our traveling needs, we've upped the ante to include products strong enough to keep us glowing while we're schlepping; it takes a small army of items, but we'd rather our bags be a little bit heavier than have to wince every time we catch ourselves in the mirror. Click through and see what we're using, and then let us know what you do to stay gorg while you get away from it all.

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