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Ever Wondered What Your Beau Would Look Like In Your Clothes? Now You Know

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    Strange question, but have ever imagined your partner wearing your clothes? Don’t put up your hands all at once. But, this is precisely what Spanish photographer, Jon Uriarte, has explored for three years with his project, “The Men Under the Influence.”

    Originally, Uriarte starting shooting couples wearing each other’s clothes, but he soon discovered that it was the men who really stood out. As he explains, “The photos attempt to capture the men's loss reference now that women have taken a step forward and have finally come into their own as equal partners.” Hmm, not sure about “loss reference” and we're not entirely positive we like the implication that equality for women should be equated to a loss for men, but it is interesting to see men bulging out of their partners’ clothes.

    Photo: Courtesy of Jon Uriarte

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