WATCH: JT's Newly Grown Beard Dances With Naked Ladies In New Video

Sure, certainly there is something to be said about JT's decision to use a trio of very naked women as a projection screen, casting each of them as a writhing canvas. But Justin Timberlake isn't promising us anything other than a very sexy (read: lots of nudity) video about how hot (and graphic) obsession can be, sometimes. Uniting him with his "Cry Me A River" pal Timbaland, the fairly straightforward vid has Justin trading in his "Suit And Tie" for a beard and jacket — but his signature moves are still there. (Also note: Watching Justin Timberlake dance with no choreography is simply a treat.)
Though the back-lit and gyrating nudity takes center stage, so does a new thing for Justin: His wedding ring. Since he is wearing a pretty understated jean jacket and khakis (guys of the world, take heed: In his later years, no one does polished-casual quite like JT), the gold band stands out as his one accessory. Another new addition from Justin is his choice to rock the summer beard with longer, slicked-back hair — a combo which, when employed correctly, is nigh unflappable.
Hey, good thing most of America has today off, so you can watch this NSFW video at home.