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Sarah Tejada's Summer Snaps Have Us Jonesing For A Road Trip!

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    If you aren’t embarking on a sun-drenched, glamorous adventure this holiday weekend, chances are you’re wallowing indoors, wishing if only. (Hey, we’re in the same boat.) Well, no need to sniffle over your friends' beachy Instagrams — if you ask us, the closest thing to getting out of dodge is escaping in handbag designer Sarah Tejada’s lush new snaps.

    The lookbook is the epitome of summer strolling, with eye-catching, white leather bags and backpacks at every turn. “The inspiration for the shoot was the anticipation of a summer adventure. The glowing green of the gardens is so perfect; white is the only possible color choice to compliment it — a departure from my usual earthy palette,” says designer Tejada. Shot at The University of California Botanical Garden by photographer Amy Harrity and styled by Shelley Young, who needs the outdoors when you've got the best of both worlds, right here? Click for more snaps after the jump.

    Photo: Courtesy of Sarah Tejada/Amy Harrity

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