How To Collect Art — Without Going Broke

News flash: Art collecting isn't just for the old and well-heeled! With rad new galleries popping up constantly and more fresh young talent than we can keep tabs on, L.A. is spilling over with amazing art that doesn't require a down payment.
In fact, a great piece of art may cost you less than that pair of heels at Barneys. Don't believe us? We've rounded up ten amazing pieces to kick off your collection. Come on and channel your inner Larry Gagosian — your walls will thank us later.
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Anna Ayeroff Cosmic Dust Particle, $100, available at The Tappan Collective.
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Carly Margolis $300, available at The Sacred Door.
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Mel Kadel Just Below the Sun, $375, available at Merry Karnowsky Gallery.
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Quam Odunsi (Untitled) Lifeguard Tower, $1,250, available at Design Matters.
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Cate Parr Magique, $200, available at Etsy.
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Dinah Kirgo Pink Owl, $800, available at Altered Space Gallery.
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Timothy Karpinski Head In The Clouds, $250, available at Thinkspace Gallery.
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Eric Joyner Pure Evil's Nightmare, $2650, available at Corey Helford Gallery.
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Jeff Stratford Snail on Gray, $300, available at Hive Gallery.
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Shark Toof Girl Show 2, $550, available at Cave Gallery.
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Allison Hoffman Solar System of Yarn, $495, available at Gallery 1988.