An S.F. Shopkeeper Shows Off Her Impressive Eichler-Designed Abode!

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    You can’t step foot into Hope Colling’s Marin-based casa without developing a major case of Eichler envy. The key holder to Union Street’s Marmalade boutique — and the hotly-anticipated Mason Jar — has that jolie laide, surfer-girl vibe on lock, culled from her New York-meets-California roots. Naturally, those enviable qualities show up in every element of both her personal and home style.

    So, when we invited ourselves over to play house for the afternoon, we couldn’t help but notice that art is absolutely imitating life. The first thing that meets your eye in the Zen space is, well, the outside! The open-air foyer is destined for warm nights (this is over the Golden Gate bridge, where summer is an actual season). Between the impossibly perfect pillows (which took everything in our power not to steal!) and the hubby’s homemade furniture strewn about, this abode is practically begging for some epic chill time. Need proof? Sit back and relax while we take you on a virtual tour.

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    Photographed by Molly DeCoudreaux

    Photographed by

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