Look Great, Feel Great: 10 Local Insiders Share Their Lifestyle Secrets

With summer upon us, now is the time give your health and fitness routine that extra oomph — or a big kick in the butt. It’s easy to fall into a rhythm with a lackluster health regimen, but sunny days are a timely reminder to swap that spin class for a bike ride, toss frozen foods in favor of fresh veggies, and step off the treadmill and onto a trailhead.
So, to give us a jump-start in the inspiration department, we turned to ten local insiders to get their feel-good secrets for the season. From a home décor editor to a jewelry designer, these L.A. influencers share their easy, healthy living go-tos to get you into the best shape, ever. Go on, follow the leaders!
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Amanda Thomas, Luv AJ Jewelry Designer

My favorite Saturday mornings consist of hiking in the Palisades on this trail called Los Liones. It's on the cusp of Malibu and totally underrated. It's a challenging hike, but absolutely doable for someone like me who loathes cardio. Plus, the view of the ocean makes it all worth it and it’s never crowded.

I've never been big on juicing, but I recently fell in love with the Açai Miracle smoothie at Kreation Kafe on Montana. It’s açai berries, yogurt, and lots of other delicious secret things that they blend together to perfection. Then, they top it off with macadamia nuts, granola, and bananas. I like to skip breakfast and go for one of these bad boys.
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Carly Brien, Co-Founder of Pressed Juicery

My health and wellness routine is all about balance. I do bi-weekly pilates sessions with my incredible instructor, Andrea Speir, who has been helping me get into shape for my upcoming wedding. Andrea is unique in that she combines classical Pilates with some specialized weights and barre exercises that are also great for getting swimsuit-ready — perfect for summer. She also has a mobile app which I use in my backyard to do mat exercises once a week! I always drink a Pressed Juicery Greens 3 juice first thing in the morning before I work out, and I follow my sessions with a coconut water, which is incredibly hydrating. Instead of supplementing my workout with intensive indoor cardio, now that the weather is warm, I find that walking from my house to the beach every evening is the perfect way to burn calories and spend time with my family.
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Kevin Carney, Owner of Mohawk General Store

My seasonal secret is waking up in the morning to a glass of cold, fresh-pressed juice. It seems to have replaced the winter habit of coffee to warm and wake me up. I get organic produce delivered every week and since we don’t always use it all, I bought a cold-press juicer. A blend of cucumber, kale, honeydew, mint, lime, and lemon is my personal favorite recipe right now — you can use almost anything in the juice; as long as you throw in some lemon and ginger it will taste good. I love going to The Juice LA in Atwater to pick up a six-pack of their tasty cold pressed juice for a daily fast. I try to drink as much water and fresh coconut water as I can while on the fast. Luckily, next door at Blossom they have fresh coconuts chilled at the perfect temperature. Having a dog also keeps me outdoors — I can hike and get out of the office often because he is always ready for that!
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Janessa Leone, Janessa Leone Hats Designer

I grew up in San Diego and now live in Santa Monica, so my life during the summer revolves around the beach. Aside from using sunscreen and wearing a big hat, I am very conscious to give my skin some extra TLC during the months that I live outside. I have some recipes and beauty regimes that keep my skin healthy and give it extra moisture that inevitably gets stripped from long summer days. I religiously use rosehip oil as my nightly moisturizer. I know it seems counterintuitive to put oil on your face, but I can’t recommend this more. I have pretty sensitive skin, so if there were anyone who would break out from this, it would be me. It is a natural anti-inflammatory, so it actually prevents breakouts and contains ingredients that lock in moisture and leave skin even and glowing.
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Kris Tominaga, Executive Chef at The Hart and the Hunter

As far as healthy living goes, I like to be conscious of my lifestyle while still enjoying what I eat and do. One of my favorite ways to be active is bicycling. I ride for fun, exercise, getting around, and to challenge myself. One of my go-to rides is the bike path that runs along the beach. It runs from Temescal Canyon to Hermosa Beach. Living on the westside, it's easy to wake up, ride to the beach, and then start the day. I usually take the path north to Temescal Canyon or south to Manhattan Beach or I’ll keep going and do both. It's a good intro into biking that I’ll take friends on, because you get to see a lot and it's generally safer than riding in traffic. I usually end up riding a little over 20 miles in about an hour and a half because it’s the kind of ride you really get going on.
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Cydney Morris, Designer and Creative Marketing Director of Stone Cold Fox

I love summertime in Venice because parking is so bad that it makes me bike everywhere. I love putting my pug in the basket and zipping around town to do my errands while staying active. I’m a big advocate of barre. It’s the one thing that when I stay consistent, I notice a difference in my body; it makes my legs look amazing and keeps me toned. As for food, I always try to steer away from dairy and bread, but I have a definite sweet tooth, so I try to replace chocolate chip cookies with fruit, though that doesn't always work!
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Mandy Ingber, Celebrity Yoga Instructor and Wellness Expert

Now that it’s summer, I’m drinking twice as much water as I usually do (my body's weight in ounces, as opposed to half my body's weight in ounces). Since I’m traveling on tour to share my new book, Yogalosophy: 28 Days to the Ultimate Mind-Body Makeover, I’m flying a lot and need to hydrate. Drinking water helps my metabolism and my skin, and keeps me from feeling fatigued. I’m adding a daily green veggie juice as well, which ensures that I get my fill of greens. Right now my favorite combo is kale, spinach, romaine, cucumber, parsley, and lemon. This aids in proper digestion, is an anti-inflammatory, and promotes weight loss. I also take an hour-long walk once I land in a new city.
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Mai Quynh, Makeup Artist

There are a couple of things I do to stay healthy and fit. I work out with this trainer Paul Brian McReynolds and he teaches boot camp at a park in Los Angeles. He makes you exercise with weights, do plyometrics, and use your own body weight. The park has inclined hills and stairs so it's pretty intense. The other thing I've been doing lately is making fresh smoothies for breakfast with my Vitamix blender. I know there's a whole juicing craze right now, but imagine all the fiber you get from the actual fruits and vegetables. Every morning I make a smoothie with kale, spinach, ginger, lemon and berries. It makes me feel healthy and clean.
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Shea Marie, Peace Love Shea Blogger

To stay healthy during summer, there's a workout class I love to take. It's called Yoga Booty Ballet. It's a mix of about thirty minutes straight cardio dance, fifteen minutes ballet, and fifteen minutes yoga. For me, working out isn't always easy so I have to find something that's fun and that I really love. I'm also pretty unskilled when it comes to dancing, so I love this class because all levels can follow along. For me, it's the perfect balance. This three or four times a week, mixed with eating super healthy — a diet of mainly lean meats and veggies — helps get me ready for summer. You can see a bunch of my healthy recipes, including some of my favorite summery picks like fresh beet salad and skinny strawberry shortcake on my blog.
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Mat Sanders, Editorial Director of Domaine Home

Cycling through West Hollywood is a good workout both physically and mentally (because it's completely dangerous!). Breakfast is big in L.A., so since moving here I've been trying to pack in good morning proteins: three eggs, an avocado and steel cut oats before starting the day. For stress relief, driving a convertible is my suggested prescription — the trip up Pacific Coast Highway to Malibu is pretty unbelievable. The sun. The salty air. That stretch is definitely an 'ah' moment.