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Fashion's Next Big Thing: Predicted By Pros!

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    Every time we hit "Add to Cart" on a pretty new purchase from our iPads or are able to walk one step in front of Cara Delevingne as she hits the runway during a Fashion Week livestream, we imagine how freaked out our 10-year-old past selves would be if they caught a glimpse of their shopping future. Even in the past few years, the industry in all its facets — from ethics to business to how fashion is shared to how its created — has made big shifts to account for a more connected and self-aware consumer (you!).

    So, if you've only envisioned the future as fashion involving shopping for peplum space suits with a Minority Report-style wraparound tablet, it's time to dive in a little deeper. We've tapped the industry's fiercest thinkers who have already been redefining our industry with their own projects and brands, and asked them to deliver their projections of what tomorrow will look like. From design to e-commerce to blogging to business, click through to get an idea of what the future of the industry will look like.

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