The Lazy Girl's Secret Weapon To Throwing A Pinterest-Worthy Party

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    You're great at party planning…up until the part where you actually have the party. But who can blame you? It's easy to come up with the inspiration, dream up the guest list, and fantasize about the food and decor. It's a bit harder to actual put your hot glue gun where your mouth is and DIY all those adorable Pinterest projects you've been repinning on your "To-Do" board. However, lazy girls, too, can throw a quaint summer shindig without breaking down in tears at Party City.

    The answer? Revelry House. For $179, you can buy a complete party in a box that comes stocked with matching, tasteful decor, serving utensils, and even explosives (yep, their special summer entertaining collection comes equipped with sparklers). Serving 12-24 guests, the box also comes up a mock menu with recipes that you can recreate (or, you know, relay to your friend who works at that catering business). In traditional red, white, and blue, the set would be kind of perfect for a Fourth of July party, right? (If you buy today, you'll get the box shipped just in time). Click here to see a full list of goodies and how to buy.

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