The 10 Tastiest Mocktails To Chug-A-Lug NOW

Summertime continues to tease us as sunrays shine across the city and quenching that thirst with a delicious drink just feels right. And, while there is no shortage of artfully constructed cocktails here in S.F., what about for us sober folks? Are we destined to soda and water forever? Fear not — luckily, many of our favorite local bartenders are serving something extra special, without the hooch.
If being intoxicated is not on the itinerary, here are ten of the city's best mocktails to keep you oh-so-happy at the bar. Whether you're saddled down to a morning meeting or just on DD duty for the night, your taste buds can still partake in the fun with these delicious concoctions. Belly up and get to sippin' — the non-alchie sauce, that is.

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