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Marni Resort '14: Channeling The Depression In A SO Fresh Way

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    Last season, Marni resort '13 consisted of a notably pastel color palette, but this year, we’re faced with bold hues and fearless structuring to match. If there’s one thing Marni’s Consuelo Castiglioni absolutely never fails at, it’s shape. The tailoring virtuoso, who could probably turn a cardboard box into an architectural masterpiece, has seemingly drawn from traditions of the '40s to guide the collection. Throughout the war-torn decade, European artists and intellectuals were flocking to the States and bringing fashion in hand. Of those Euro-adoptees, the belted waist and peplum silhouette were two of the most celebrated and are reappearing today via Marni Resort '14.

    As if waking up from The Big Sleep, Marni has incorporated bright colors, distinct patterns, and post-modern details that refine the conventions of the '40s and avoid any matronly monotony. Venturing from tailored-gone-tracksuit to print heavy and Bermuda-ready ensembles, the collection will do anything but resurrect Great Depression woes. Finally, completing the presentation with the unparalleled Fussbett sandal and fuss-free handbags, it is beyond the shadow of a doubt that Marni is looking to outfit the crème de la crème of trendsetters. So, it’s time to stop procrastinating and replace our untouched high school textbooks with a lesson in history we might actually stay awake for.

    Photo: Courtesy of Marni

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