This Is What It's Like To Hang Out At Grace Coddington's Place

It's no secret that we love Grace Coddington like, well, she loves cats — so getting a glimpse of her residence has made us the happiest of glampers. Model Elettra Wiedemann has taken us through the creative director/legend's doors and into her feline-friendly abode in a video that includes rumors, fainting, and an abundance of cream (not to give anything away).
Not only were our mouths watering at the sight of a grade-A cookery in Grace's apartment kitchen, but her candid storytelling gave us a much-appreciated dose of the laughs. Also, we got a few exclusive snapshots of the what it's like to just hang with Coddington for an afternoon. We can only hope that we'll be seeing her and her kindred kitty, Bart, again soon — so Grace, when should we stop by?
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Photos: Courtesy of Vogue

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