6 Easy & Delicious Recipes That Will Make Life SO Much Better

We can't lie: We're suckers for anything that makes life easier, especially when it comes to preparing our daily meals. While we wish we could go all Martha in the kitchen every single time, there are moments when convenience wins out over creativity. But know this: Just because you're taking the easy way out doesn't mean every meal has to come with a side of lame sauce. Instead, use our handy guide for six, essential summer meals — from breakfast to dinner, plus dessert and drinks — to inspire your inner chef without overdoing it. Now, let's eat!
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Strawberry-Rhubarb Breakfast Parfait
Start your day off right with Weekly Greens' recipe for a layered confection, featuring fresh strawberries, roasted rhubarb, plain yogurt, and granola.

Photo: Courtesy of Weekly Greens
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Garlic Scape-Pesto Pizza
When you get bored with your go-to pizza, try this gorgeous green alternative from Not Derby Pie, made with homemade pesto, asparagus, and egg.

Photo: Courtesy of Not Derby Pie
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Ginger Fried Quinoa
Yummy, fast, and easy? This Filipino-inspired take on fried rice from Sweetsonian is the perfect comfort food for summer.

Photo: Courtesy of Sweetsonian
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Spring Pea, Mint, & Ricotta Tart
Light and refreshing, this yummy tart from Julip Made makes good use of the last of spring's flavors.

Photo: Courtesy of Julip Made
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Watermelon Strawberry & Mint Agua Frescas
Somewhere between smoothies and juices, agua frescas are a classic summer treat that cool you down (without the hangover of a cocktail). Try Mango & Tomato's sweet-and-minty version for your next backyard shindig.

Photo: Courtesy of Mango & Tomato
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Chocolate-Chip Coconut Ice Cream Sandwiches
On a hot day, nothing sounds better to us than a delicious frozen dessert, and Cupcakes for Breakfast won us over with this recipe for the perfect ice cream sammie.

Photo: Courtesy of Cupcakes for Breakfast